Help Revox or Studer CDPs as transports???? Anyone??


I have a Revox B226 and a Studer A727 CD player. Both units are older (80's? Early 90s?), but both are built like tanks. I think they'd make good transports, but both units have TWO RCA digital outputs for left and right chanel. Huh? Is that some old technology that never caught on?

The Studer A727 is a professional model and it also happens to have one XLR digital out. Is this something that I could use as a digital out, or is it's signal too high (due to it being a pro model)?

I'm stumped. Any info would be appreciated.
The B226 provides 2 digital outputs, they are not split into left and right but provide the same signal and can drive 2 seperate outboard processors (don't know why you would want to do this though). The Transport is a good transport but has high jitter and would benefit from something like the Genesis Lens. The XLR digital output from your A727 is an AES/EBU digital output and is the professional standard output. You cannot drive an AES/EBU output(XLR) into an SPDIF digital input (RCA).