Help selecting amplification with phono

What is a good choice for an upgrade to NAD272/162? I have researched tube equipment, solid state, integrated and separates. I need a phono stage for a Denon 103R cartridge (.25 mv output). My budget is $1600. I listen to classical and big band. I have Focal kit speakers that are reasonably efficient. My listening room is 19 x 30. Speakers transmit directly across the 19 feet distance.

Please offer some recommendations.

I have two questions:

1) Is your $1600 budget for amp, preamp and phone stage? If so, I don't think you can make a significant upgrade to all three. If your amp and speakers work well together, keep them and focus on upgrading your preamp. One thing at a time. An Audible Illusions Modulus 3A with phono stage will be a huge improvement over the NAD. The Mod3A is a giant killer and comes up used for $1000-1100.

2) What tonearm do you have on the VPI? I hate to meddle in decisions as intimate as cartridge choice, but you'll get a much bigger bang for your buck if you sold the 103R and bought a Dynavector DV-20XH. The DV-20XH is a superb sounding cartridge that mates well with the phono board in the Modulus 3A. I'm intimately familiar with this combo and it will knock your socks off. It won't require a step-up transformer like the 103R. The 103R can be a great sounding cartridge, but it requires effort to bring out its best -- like a good step-up transformer and the right tonearm. The DV-20XH will be easier to get great sound.
The $1,600 was for all 3 components. I have the 12.5 unipivot VPI tonearm. Additionally, I have since acquired the Jasmine 2.0 SE phono stage. This has MM/MC phono capability.
I am using a Denon 103R LOMC with the Jasmine. Right out of the box, the sound difference was dramatic. It was like lifting a veil from the music. From top to bottom the sound had clarity, depth, and life (much more detailed and open). I have only used it 15 hours (the manufacturer says breakin is 100 hours). So, it will still improve. Yet, it is very smooth. I listen primarily to classical and big band which is quite difficult to reproduce. Also, I tried it on classic rock and it was great (vocals were clear and natural sounding). Sound stage was excellent. With an upgrade on my amplification, I hope it will show me just how good the Jasmine can be.
Here is an update on the Jasmine: On recommendation from another Agoner, I replaced the 1 uf output capacitors with Jantzen Superior z-caps ($26 from Parts Express). This modification brings the Jasmine up to a new level. It brings new clarity to the entire spectrum of sound, especially the mids and highs. I am using this in conjunction with a Denon Dl-S1

This is quite a bargain for pure music, smooth and clean.