Help settle a streaming argument!

This is a SQ argument and is as follows-  I argue if you connect your streamer to an outboard DAC the streamer does not matter it’s just serving the music to the outboard DAC to do the work.  Therefore, buy a basic streamer.  The other is that you need to buy a top quality streamer and DAC to get great SQ. 

I liken it to cd players or the more pretentious cd transport argument- if the intent is to connect to outboard DAC the cd player doesn’t matter the outboard DAC DOES!

features and functionality aside!  Thoughts…..


+ 1 to carlsbad2

I think the question is the core of the issue if I am to learn more about streamers and how to spend my money wisely. Lets remove the listener from the chain for the moment. I pose the questions that if the only variable in the chain is the streamer and each streamer under consideration is receiving the same digital file from the provider which it is then delivering to the DAC, What degradation can or is taking place within the streamer that the file received is not identical to the file delivered to the DAC? What makes the streamer the weaker link if the files are identical and if they are not identical what changed?

+2 carlsbad2 and mteetank - in addition to the more pointed question which was lost in generalization of it sounds better - the why it sounds better has not been established.   notwithstanding of maybe a better power supply!  it still stands to ask why a more expensive streamer if not utilizing the internal dac would sound better.  

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I have a Bluesound Node 2i. I use the digital out into a PS Audio Directstream DAC Mk1. I would love to upgrade to a higher quality streamer if I could find one that supports Idagio Streaming (suggestions, anyone??)..  Alternatively,  I  upgraded my Node2i with a TeddyPardo linear power supply.  It made a significant improvement in SQ!! I think this is empirical evidence that a streamer can make a difference in SQ even when using an outboard DAC.

The question that OP posed was answered by many. Now the goal posts are shifted - "but why does it sound better? give me concrete proof!"