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Raven Osprey 3.1 vs Leben cs600
I owned the Raven Blackhawk. Osprey is pretty much the same with slightly more power. I will take Leben any day of the week and twice a day on Sunday.   
Finally upgrading my amp
At this price, maybe a used Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum III.  It’s tube but with a ton of power. Will pair nicely with B&Ws.     
AGD Tempo in the house
Regardless of whether someone is a dealer or not, I will buy from @verdantaudio.  He’s a stand up guy and a pleasure to deal with. His thread on DACs is a treasure trove for anyone hunting for DACs. I also like that he doesn’t revel in baseless co... 
My Four Favorite SS Amps
I thought Pass was your favorite.   
Luxman leaves me wanting
Devore and Luxman is not a synergistic combination.   IMO Luxman does well with hard to drive, warm sounding speakers that are midrange focused. With Devore speakers, tubes are the better choice.   
Appropriate cartridge for Micro Seiki MA-505 tonearm
@br3098 -- please accept my apology for not responding sooner. I used to get email notifications when someone responded to my thread. Apparently, those were ending up in my spam folder. I appreciate your feedback on the MA-505 tonearm and glad to... 
What to do with a large collection
Try Discogs.   
Streaming DAC recommendation
You might be able to find a used Meitner MA3 for around $5-6k. One of the best streaming DACs I’ve owned.  
Higher-End Class A/B vs. Class A Integrateds
Nick, you’re not alone. I also fell victim to the hype and bought a Kinki EX-M1+ (used). Nothing special at all. I would say below average. I sold it at a considerable loss within 60 days.   Sorry for being the bearer of bad news.   
Help choosing a DAC
I owned both Denafrips Terminator 2 and Pontus 2.  The Terminator checked all the audiophile boxes but I found Pontus to be more musical and engaging. Buy it used and you can sell it for pretty much what you paid for it. Good luck!  
Opinions about Daniel Hertz
I wouldn’t trust anything coming from Steve huff’s mouth anymore.  He used to be a hobbyist, but now he’s just another YouTuber who churns reviews in as brainless a manner as steve guttenberg. I’m willing to bet $100 he would have moved on to some... 
Harbeth 40.3 XD Tweeters
Call Fidelis AV. They should be able to get that information for you. Otherwise, you can directly contact Harbeth customer support.  
Signalyst HQPlayer - Is it worth the upgrade?
@jbuhl I'm also interested in running HQP on my sonicTransporter i5. I was under the impression that HQP is a resource hog and the i5 might struggle to keep up. Please keep us posted how it works out for you.  
Streaming through upconverting DAC - can I even improve audio quality?
OP, your speakers and amp are way above average. If you're going to get in the world of streaming, IMO your streamer should be on equal footing with the rest of your components. My suggestion is to look for something like Innuos Zenith MK3 or Aure... 
Question/Help Needed: Boomer who is totally inexperienced with DACs and streamers.
There are many options as you can see. IMO, for someone just starting out Bluesound Node is your best bet. They’re easy to use, have been around for a while and support a wide variety of streaming services, including Amazon. Use USB to connect to ...