HELP! Streaming to my old school audiophile system

HELP!  I have a complete old school Nakamichi setup I've collected over the years (Stasis PA-7AII amp; CA-7A Pre-amp; ST-7 tuner; RX-505 tape deck; Dragon tape deck; MB-1 CD player; JVC turntable; all playing through my four JBL 4311B's).  I want to be able to wireously stream music through this system but don't know where to start nor how to hook such a device to my pre-amp.  Do I need a network streamer?  A DAC? Another pre-amp?  All of the above to do this right?  I've looked at the Cambridge Azur 851N, but are there alternative devices.  I also hear over and over again that AirPlay is the best media to stream with.  Help!  I'm lost and need educated and pointed in the right direction with a device or system that won't cheapen the sound my old school set up currently produces.   
Thank you for your reply.  Educate me:  What does this Bluesound do that the Cambridge unit I was looking at doesn't?  Or was the Cambridge unit overkill.  Please explain.  
What you want is a DAC/streamer.  It's basically a network streamer with a DAC built into it.  The Cambraidge Azure 851N is one option.  Bluesound Node 2i is another option.  There are better options, but they do cost more. 

Sony HAPZ1ES $1999
Auralic Altair G1  $2699
Cocktail Audio X45 $2995
Aurender A100  $3900

Be aware that not all network streamers will have a DAC built in.
Good morning enthusiasts. I just purchased the Cocktail Audio X45 and could not be more pleased with the result. I began streaming through an Oppo BDP105D and wanted to digitize my vast CD collection. With no disc drive in my laptop, I decided to look into network streamers that also rip music, and I wanted something at a reasonable price point. 

Enter the X45. What impressed me about its specs was: DACs for each channel, ripping capability, streaming Tidal MQA, FM tuner, ability to rip my vinyl collection and the build quality.

I can safely say that I am impressed by the quality of the sound and the dedicated DACs have improved the sound-stage. I'm hearing more of the detail in Hi-rez streaming on this unit compared to the Oppo. Oh, and did I mention the great build quality. Granted, it has only been 2 days, but I have noticed an improvement in the sound quality, and the database management is easy and intuitive. Comes with a remote and I display it on my TV monitor. I just ordered the wi-fi dongle so I can manage it all on a tablet or phone. 

Running it with the following equipment:
Vandy Treo CTs
Simaudio W-3 Amp
Conrad-Johnson PVL14 Tubed pre-amp
Speaker cable: Audioquest  Rocket 88 bi-wire
Interconnects: Synergistic Research, Kimber Silver-streak, Audioquest HDMIs and Analysis Plus.

Happy listening
Anyone comparing x45 with A100? I am planning to get one of the model in future.
I‘d suggest a streaming DAC from Auralic or Lumin, straight into your preamp via RCA and you are off to the races
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@jamwvu - I’ve had a little experience with a few streaming setups...
  1. Apple TV into DAC using iTunes interface
  2. Computer into DAC using iTunes interface
  3. Bluesound NODE 2 Streamer
# 1 was my first streaming experience, so I had a steep learning curve but this solution lacked the quality I wanted

#2 had the 24/192 resolution I wanted (eventually) but there were many little "nuances" that I encountered the worst one being operating system upgrades (thanks Apple) - also a steep learning curve

#3 - the Node 2 was by far the easiest solution...
  • Take the streamer out of the box, connect the cables follow the easy installation instructions - Voila !
  • All you need is a spare input on your amp or receiver
  • you can play content from any USB device via a USB port
  • you can play content from your phone/tablet via Bluetooth
  • you can play content either wirelessly or via Ethernet from internet stations, popular streaming services or a Network Drive
  • it lets you know when a software upgrade is available and the install process is automatic and takes only a couple of minutes (provided it is connected to the internet wireless or Ethernet)
  • digital content resolution - anything up to 24/192
  • it has a very good built-in DAC - so there is only one component
  • the sound is great
  • there are some controls on the top of the unit so you can PAUSE/PLAY/SKIP FORWARD/SKIP BACK and Volue Controls - without a phone - just your finger
  • has a pretty nice user friendly interface tat displays album artwork and it supports reply and random play features
  • You can build your own playlists - I use the Computer Interface for this feature
  • easy to install and operate
  • has great support
  • If you don’t want to fuss with a NAS drive for you own music there is the Vault 2i, which has a hard drive and CD player/Ripper for converting CD’s to digital files using all the meta data on the CD
  • supports Android/Apple/Windows devices and computers
It’s basically plug and play - more so than options 1 and 2 above and Bluesound are always adding new streaming services - it is compatible with Apple services

I stopped looking when I got the Node 2 because after installing some good cables, it’s sound quality exceeded my expectations.

Another brand of streamer that also supports the BlueOS software is NAD. (Bluesound and NAD are affiliated somehow)

Bluesound is a Canadian company that has grown substantially since I purchased my first unit, and all their offerings are quality/performance oriented

I now own three units
  1. Node 2i - streamer in my audio system
  2. Power Node2 - which replaced my A/V system components
  3. Pulse Mini for outdoors enjoyment
I control all three from my phone, or tablet, or desktop computer via a single app (i.e. on each platform)

Sonos is another brand that basically offers similar features. A couple of neighbours has Sonos and are very happy with it, but that’s the level of my Sonos knowledge

Hope that helps you in your quest - Steve