Help Totem Forest


Help! I can't remember which posts on the Totem forest are + and which are Negative. They are not marked. Can anyone help? If I remember correctly, the right posts are +

Right is Red. The marking is hard to see on the Forest. It's not on the posts, but on a plastic 'washer' inset into the wood at the base of the post. If you look closely, you will see red to the right and white to the left.

Thank you. My forests are cherry so the red was difficult to see. As you pointed out, they are not very noticeable.

Thanks everyone for the help.
I have totem forrest as well. The color ring is recessed about 1/8" (I think) under binding post. I agree that it's hard to see. But if you look at the back of speaker, the right is positive (red) and the left is negative (black)

Thanks, as my posting above, the cherry wood makes the red rings almost invisible and the negatives are white. Thanks again for the help.

I was just wondering what amp your using with your Forests?

I'm using a 30W pure class A tube amp and does it ever make the Forests sing. The lows thunder like a sub woofer but are not distorted. Some people say the Forests need lots of power. I have not found this to be true with my amp. Although pure class A is a different breed altogether.

Something else I recently discovered is that biwiring is not necessary. Good jumpers will do. I had my Forests biwired with Wireworld cables and switched to Actinote with good jumpers. The sound is great.