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Leave the turntable running?
Thanks for the responses!I've been able to do this with relative ease and I'm sure with practice it will come even easier. I just wanted to be sure I shouldn't be picking it up while the platter is spinning! I do have a Black Joe Lewis 8" EP that ... 
Peachtree Nova and my Totem Sttafs...?
I can't comment on the Nova, but I own the Aura Note and really enjoy it! It is powering my Totem Mites. I've also owned the Arcam Solo, shortly. My wife and I MUCH preferred the Aura Note w/ the Totems! 
Just got an iTouch...
Thanks for the responses!Space, particularly on the iTouch, is the biggest issue. I can only fit 20 or so albums on my 16G Touch along with apps and movie/tv shows. I think I'll copy my AIFFs to AAC 256k and listen in all environments to see if i ... 
Fine and Mellow...
Thanks! I own the 2-disc 'The Very Best of the Songbooks: Golden Anniversay Edition', which is excellent! I haven't delved into any of the other songbooks as of yet... 
Ella & Vaughan on XRCD???
Thanks for the responses! Currently I only have digital playback. Maybe sometime in the future I'll add LP? I think I'll give the XRCD's a shot - maybe starting with Take Love Easy. Thanks again! 
Totem Arro review in TAS???
Thanks Itball, I have the PDF. I am hoping to aquire the actual print edition as well - call me old fashioned. 
Totem Arro review in TAS???
Thanks for confirming Mr_man, now I just need to find that somewhere. 
"mini" monitors for Primaluna prologue two
They are not monitors, but the Totem Arro's sound excellent paired with the PLII and they will probably still take up less floor space than stands for the monitors as well.... 
Anyone know where to buy Hi-Fi World in US?
OK, I'll keep checking (or call) Borders and B&N. My B&N has four other UK titles with 'Hi-Fi' in the name, just not Hi-Fi World. Go Figure! 
Anyone know where to buy Hi-Fi World in US?
Thanks Jburidan. Can anyone else confirm this - I might have to try a different Borders? 
Totem Arro and Rainmaker... other speakers?
I would go with the Arros - a truly amazing speaker!If you are lacking bass, add a DreamCathcer Sub as funds allow.Another option - have you listened to the Sttaf? They have a lot of bass for their size, but do give up some resolution and transpar... 
We are normal unlike the rest eh??? ha ha
Bbaxley2 - the songs in the backgroud are:song title / artist / albumtemtation, diana krall: the girl in the other roommango for mingus, pierre dorge's new jungle orchestra: music from the danish junglesonata for solo cello opus 81, yo yo ma: solo... 
We are normal unlike the rest eh??? ha ha
Thanks rapogee - very entertaining! 
Best Value Speaker Model for the Buck?
Totem Arro are amazing for their size and asking price IMO. 
Best of Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan
Man, I just picked up Sarah Vaughan's Sarah + 2, where she is accompanied only by bass and guitar. Excellent album - highly recommended!Also got 'The Very Best of the Songbooks: Golden Anniversay Edition', a 2-disc Ella Fitzgerald set. Also highly...