HELP with an intermittent static fuzz noise in right channel! Is this bad tube?

I am looking for help. Recently had a fuzzy sounding static noise of varying intensity starting in right channel of my 2 channel system. REALLY Notice it when volume at ZERO.
I have tried all the traditional remedies for ground loop, RF noise,loose plugs, ect...
My system is a Vincent 237 integrated with streaming from an Allo Usbridge  dual powered with the Ciunas Supercapicitor battery psu. Streaming Tidal via its Volumio app. I have either the MDHT Orchid DAC or CARY DMS-500 as DAC/Streamer on 2 different inputs of Vincent. I utilize Fuhrman PS-8 Digital power strip on every power cord/charger but the amp. I have changed around the cord mix f La Esplada power cords and stock PCs, different RCA and interconnects,coax,ethernet,USB: which is mix of Morrow, Audioquest, Blue jean, Wireworld,and Supra.

The entire time I assumed it was electrical noise , RF interference, WIFI reception from my WYZE security cameras, or cords that touched interconnects......, well so far WRONG. Its now here coming and going everyday reducing my noise floor.
Does this sound like tube issue in the Vincent 237? I purchased used from Music Room September 2018. Worked fine up until the past month.
thanks for the ideas!
The obvious first step is to switch the tubes between the channels and see if the buzz follows the channel. 
Sounds like a tube gone noisy to me. Based on your description (volume at zero), a driver or voltage amplifier tube (not an output, but that is possible too) in the power amp section.
Talk to technical guy at Vincent. I had the same problem, and it turned out to be couple of resistors going bad in my Cary SLP 98. I was surprised the technical person at Cary figured it out in a few seconds over the phone..