help with cd player choice.

my modified cd-25 bit the dirt. need some help on new player that won't need modified. i am looking at the arcam fmj 33, the meridian 508-24, or the audio aero prima. can you help sort these out or even get me in to the next level? thanks
Dpm2340, another player you might want to consider, is the Ensemble CDP. It's a great sounding and built to what you would expect from a Swiss made product. It retails for $9000.00, but either demos or used pieces are selling for around $3500.00 to $4500.00, and you get one for less money I believe. It might be a little higher then your budget, but its really a reference level player.
If you go the Meridian route I am told that certain early 500 series players may not have replacement transport mechanisms. You might want to get the serial number and call Meridian. I'm not suggesting that the player is unreliable, but I would not personally spend $1000+ on a relatively old player without assurance of spare parts.
I would vote for the Arcam FMJ at this price point, but CD sound is highly a matter of personal preference. I have not heard the 508.24, but have heard the G08 (its replacement) and was not impressed. It seemed lifeless to me - not involving.

As to the next level, I love my Ikemi, which can be had for around $1900 used and sold at no loss later down the road. Beyond that an Esoteric DV50 (a universal player) can be had for around 3k. I prefer the Ikemi for redbook to the DV50, but the DV50 is significantly more detailed and certainly not everyone shares my view. But on SACD playback the DV50 is wonderful. Also, the thing seems as though it was designed for a war zone, like it was going to have to endure gunfire or shrapnel. The build quality is great.