Help with connections with my new audio/home theater setup


I am new to this forum and appreciate your kind advice. I have the following setup that I need to connect/add to:

Yamaha Aventage RX A880

SVS SB-1000 subwoofer

SVS Prime satellite speakers

SVS Prime center speaker

I just purchased the Focal Theva N0 3-D floor speakers to be able to use Dolby Atmos without ceiling speakers (condo). The speakers have 2 sets of connections.

I have acquired a Yamaha CA-2010 that I wanted to use to drive the front speakers and be able to utilize the great phono section on the amp.

Yamaha CD S-303

Denon CR585 cassette deck

room is carpeted with Salamander Designs Archetype racks.

Samsung 65" OLED TV

Panasonic UB 820 4K player

Yamaha CT-810 tuner

My question is how to connect the amp, the receiver, and the speakers to get the Dolby Atmos plus the 2 Focals driven by the amp. After that, my hope was to get the turntable connected so I could use the CA-2010 for 2 channel music. I am stopped dead in my tracks until I can get it configured and tested. Thanks again for reading.