Help with high end bookshelf speakers

I need help please. Past few years I'm gone through a myriad of speakers and now my wife is relegating me to a third bedroom for a dedicated listing space. I'm trying to figure out what kind of bookshelf speakers I can use with a Hegel 390, Auralic, Denafrips DAC in an 11x12 room. Trying to decide if I need to change my whole system or find something that works with what I have.

Thanks everyone


You guys are all really encouraging, for 45 years I'm pretty much stuck. I'll just get a lock for the door to the dedicated listening space. In all seriousness, I'm curious why I didn't get the usual suspects when I asked about a high-end bookshelf speaker i.e. Sonus Faber, Dynaudio & Revel. Makes me wonder...

Audionote, the smaller less expensive 2 ways, I think K's. I had same issue. You can put them on a set of iso acoustic mini pucks on a cradenza or bookshelf against wall, vertical or horizontal and sit 6-7 feet away. Or, of course, stands. That makes best use of room.

@OP - Do you need to put the speakers on an actual bookshelf? The room isn't that small so unless there is no floorspace, you could look at floorstanders too.