Help with Icepower 1200as2 amp please!

Hello everyone! I am having an issue with my Icepower 1200as2 module. I have ran this amp for a few years and all of a sudden it starts going into a standby mode, then comes back on for a little while, then back to standby even when a signal is passing through. When I first built this DIY project using the 1200as2 module, I hooked up 2 LEDS on the front of the chassis. When first powering up the amp, the amber LED would light up until a signal was picked up through the RCA interconnects circuitry?  So if I wasn't playing anything through the amp, the amber LED would light up and stay on until a signal was detected. I really don't want to trash the module, so if I can get some help to perhaps fix this issue, I'd be very grateful and appreciative! Thanks for any help!




Erik is right, one of those components is labeled 305 volts ac! Donget zapped, it's not as fun as Scott Baio made it look 🙂

While I appreciate the comments, I wouldn't call myself a beginner! I'd never start messing around with any electrical component, especially while live, unless I was absolutely positively certain I knew a little something about it. I'm not saying I have a degree in electronics, or otherwise I wouldn't be asking for some help or guidance with troubleshooting this amp module. I just thought that perhaps someone here may have had some experience with the issue I am having with my ice amp, that would be willing to give me some guidance. But I do appreciate you guys for trying to help out!   


Could you suggest to me in your opinion what would be the best build using the following components? Hypex Ncore, NcoreX, Nilai, Purify Eigentakt, and I believe the NCxMP version will be out soon. From what I have gathered, these components would blow my icepower 1200as2 amp out the water? I was also considering a pair of the Audiophonics MPA-M400ET Power Amplifier Class D Mono Purifi 1ET400A 1x400W 4 Ohm. Thanks for any advice!

I have a Hypex waiting for a cabinet, but honestly I really like the ICEpower AS series and think they are underrated

I do like the sound from my 1200as2, but not much I can do at the moment as it continues to be erratic with the switching. Perhaps someone may be able to give me some help in diagnosing my issue. 

Have you looked at the iancanada modules for building a DAC stack on the DIY forum? Seems like the components he offers are top notch. Was waiting on some component boards to get finished and ready to purchase so I can have some options when using different connector types for input and output on my rig.