help with my speakers

i have a pair of triangle titus monitors. problem is that the tweeter on one of the monitors is much quieter than the other. i tried taking out the tweeter and going direct from my speaker cables, which produced a good volume. i then looked at the crossover and noticed all the connections seem fine. after calling vmax (triangle's distributor), my impression is that the crossover is not likely the culprit. The gentleman informed me that the crossover is essentially bulletproof and very rarely faulty. does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong. this problem has occurred with two different amps, so that isn't the problem. thanks in advance. ben
You've probably already tried this, but just in case...swap the speakers (left to right and right to left) and see if the quiet tweeter moves with the swap or if it is related to the amp. From there, I would swap the cables in the same manner. From there, I would reverse polarity. If nothing helps or if the same speaker stays quiet on top, I'd send it in for service. If it is out of warranty, I would swap tweeters in the boxes...but only if my warranty was out.
You may have damaged the tweeter by running it direct and bypassing the crossover if in fact it wasn't already bad. Tweeters have very low tolerance for full spectrum signals, fractions of a watt can cause lots of damage.
If possible remove the tweeter from the good speaker and put it in the bad speaker. Then if you get normal sound out of the bad speaker after doing so, you got yourself a dead tweeter.
thanks for responses. after switching out the tweeters left to right, things improved. although tweeters both seem a bit quiet now. this may actually be a blessing though as there is an overall smoother sound.
I just thought of something else that you might consider. I remember reading a review years ago by JA of Stereophile where he discovered a pair of PSB speakers that were wired backwards. The woofer binding posts were driving the tweeters while the tweeter binding posts were driving the woofers. Depending on whether or not the Triangles have dual binding posts and how you are cabling them, I suppose this could alter the sound characteristics.

However, the fact that you have swapped tweeters and noticed an improvement has me a bit baffled. If a crossover has a problem, I wouldn't expect a change from swapping tweeters. Additionally, if a tweeter has a problem, I would expect it to continue to have a problem once moved to the other speaker.

I'm wondering if perhaps the tweeter was wired in a reverse polarity inside the cabinet and corrected inadvertently by you when you swapped them out. This would certainly account for an improvement and your perception that the sound seems less pronounced might simply be their natural voicing characteristics that were being masked.