Help with power distribution

Your help would be greatly appreciated on how to best get clean power for my 2channel system out of a single outlet (two plugs).

For the last few years I have used a Monster HTS850 power center to get AC to all of my components with the exception of the amp. Now I'm replacing the Rocket 88 with a pair of Cary cad500 mono blocks. With the addition of the new amps I'm more concerned about 1. surge protection 2. clean power 3. the need for at least a total of 8 outlets.

I have no clue about what end is up when it comes to power conditioning other than what I've tried to learn on line, which seems confusing. Obviously cost is a factor but I don't want to risk my investment in quality components that I enjoy.

Thanks in advance,

hello Jim, you can take it for what its worth but i"am using a {shunyata hydra-eight} on my front end including the amp... plus their excellent power cords, the end result is one "musically" satisfactory power distribution system... synergistic as all get out...highly recommended...^})...
Thanks aolmrd1241, I have heard great things about the Hydra from my online searches and it is one of the few in the running. Are you using monoblocks and if so are you using them on the same outlet or do you have them separated?

One of the issues I'm trying to resolve is, is it advisable to have the monoblocks on the same outlet (I'm assuming that the outlet has two plugs), or is it optimal to seperate them as well as the CDP and Pre. In other words on the Hydra 8 would it be best to use two of the four outlets for the monoblocks and the other 2 for the rest of the components (CDP, Pre, TT)?


ps audio products seem to do a good job.

they have one with enough wattage to use with most amps.
hello jim, i'am using a stereo amp plus sub into my hydra... i do believe (the-hydra )is rated for a 2400 watt draw so as long as you keep with-in its design limits you should be fine... if it seems to confusing call or email shunyata and describe to them your set-up requirements and what your system consists of, they have been very helpful to me in the past ... ps. the power cords are killer ..good luck!!!
Thanks for the help and constructive input. After a few hours of reading threads here, I'm leaning toward a Hydra 6 with a copperhead AC cord. There certainly are a lot of good products out there, but in the long run it seems that I need 2400 watt/20amp which the Hydra does.

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