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PS Audio Stellar Phono
I’ve had the Stellar for 2 years and had an interesting experience recently. My long time dealer found a SME 20 for me. He matched the table to a SME V arm and a ClearAudio Jubilee cart. Since my electronics are an ARC 160s and a ref6se he brought... 
SME service is terrible. Can’t buy any accessories from local dealers here in USA
Bought a SME20/2 with mkIV arm from a dealer in Seattle last year. They tracked down all parts and even 3D printed one piece. Can’t say enough abought the benefit from dealing with a reputable dealer.  
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Saw Beach House's last concert of tour last night in Seattle. Always loved the nuanced, intimate sounds of the studio albums, but didn't know they can really rock. Fantastic concert. 
Best match for Cary SLP98 Preamp
A few years ago I had a slp98 experience that reminded me of the 3 bears. An 88r which I tried to like was too small. Then I switched to mb500 that was too big. Before both purchases I tried the V12 and it sounded just right. Unfortunately the fir... 
Wilco "Kicking Television" 4lp Box
Like the added songs. Saw this tour, but not in Chicago. Great stuff. Nothing like coming home via Chicago. 
Next Wilco Album
IMHO1. Summerteeth (catchy lyrics) 2. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (see the documentary "I'm trying to break your heart" it helps make sense of YHF importance to the music scene) 3. A Ghost Is Born (the present lineups first album together) 4. Wilco (matu... 
Can foam padding isolate better than spikes?
Another vote for Auralex. I'm using them in a studio system under Dyn Audience 42's to isolate and tilt forward. Great product. 
Dynaudio Sapphire vs Revel Studio2
Rydenfan,I just returned from listening to the Studio2's in the same room that I have listened to Saphire's on three different occasions. The electronics were the same on all times and what I have in my system.You have a really hard decision in fr... 
I have a book recommendation for you all.
Second your recommendation. Well written and captivating book. It deepened my appreciation for some pieces of music. 
Audiogon speaker wire gurus, please help me
Tcheathertree,Having tried different speaker cables within my system, I will have to say that there never was a difference with the soundstage and air around the insturments. And since those are two things that I demand and matched my amps to my p... 
Anyone heard the Opera Quinta?
Haven't heard the newest model, but I have owned the original model for several years. I am very happy with them and would have to spend several times more to better them. I agree with Jaybo about them being "refined" and would also add that they ... 
Loudspeakers that go LOUD?
Sounds familiar. I too have a big room and struggled for a solid year with limited volume thinking it was my speakers. It was only after I changed amps from a 60 watt tubed amp to SS monoblocks that the speakers properly loaded the room and their ... 
Canadian Musicians
JTGreat post. I too have thought about the great quality of Canadian music. The Neil Young biography, "Shakey" gives an interesting look at the nation's music scene in the 60's.A few of my favorites current favorites not on your list are: Jorane (... 
Musical Fidelity A5 or A308 integrated?
Agree with the posters so far. I owned a 308 and loved it. When the A5 came out I tested it in my system and found it to be more detailed, but at the expensive of being removed from the music and cold over all. It might have been "acurate", but th... 
who surprised and who disappointed
Biggest disapointment in person was Weather Report years ago. The biggest surprise this year so far is a tie: Conner Oberst- Bright Eyes, and Jeff Tweety solo, both are consumate musicians and obsessive about their sound.