Help with processor decision

I've been using a Denon 3808 receiver as my processor ever since I purchased a Parasound A52 last year to power my system (B W 804d LR, htm62 center, M-1 LR surround, with b w 600 sub). I purchased an Oppo-105 a while back for the better video processing, DAC and multichannel out (for SACDs). I'm about 70% music, 30% ht/TV. I have started listening to a lot of vinyl recently, so I do need a more musical processor (and I don't really have room on my rack for a two channel preamp). I run a lot of music (usb) and video (hdmi) from my Mac mini server through the Oppo as well. I'm torn between the following processors:
-Parasound p7 (would lose the hdmi switching, but could use the Oppo)
-Marantz 8801
-Yamaha A5000
I currently use Audessey XT room correction with my 3808. My room is 14 w x 18 l x 9-10 h sloping ceiling with the LR speakers on the short wall, and it is untreated with suspended hardwood floors. I am a little indifferent regarding room correction, but given my room I think it's been helpful for HT. Between my cable box and a possible xbox purchase, I may need more hdmi switching than the Oppo provides...
Any advice would be greatly appreciated since I plan to follow-through with a purchase THIS WEEK!
P.S. This will probably be the first of several upgrades in the near future (adding 2 surrounds to get 7.1, adding more powerful amps for my LR, upgrading center and sub).
My vote goes to the Marantz 8801 since it seems to have all of the most current surround sound music formats and it's their top of the line processor. Having said that, just last year I went with my very first surround sound processor and due to my budget, chose the Integra DHC 40.2. Wanted the Rotel pre pro but that was a bit out of my budget. I couldn't be happier with the Integra and while it does contain the Audyssey room correction, I don't use it. Using an SPL meter and just working with all of the set up audio functions, I've got the system set up to where I want it trusting my own ears and gut. I then occassionaly tweak it here and there. The Intega does have 2 features within the Audyssey brand that I do use and absolutely love. Those are "Dyanmic EQ" & "Dynamic Volume". It's powered with a new Rotel RMB-1555 5 channel amp. While this Inegtra is not at the same price range and quality level as the Marantz, for the price it is an amazing unit. Hope this input helps somewhat.
You might replace the Denon receiver in your rack with a two channel preamp connected to your amp. You'd connect stereo from your Oppo 105 to the preamp, surround directly to the amps, SW directly to the sub. Using an SPL meter and the internal noise generator of the 105 (or a test disc) mark the volume control of the preamp where the levels of stereo, surround, and sub match (after trimming the outputs of the 105 channels to be equal). When the Oppo is the source, it controls he volume, otherwise the preamp controls the volume. The amp can sit between the main speakers for short leads.

That's the setup I use with my Oppo 105, Parasound JC-2 analog preamp, and Proceed HPA amps. A Sony XA5400ES and JC-3 phono stage share the preamp with the Oppo. The Oppo does most of the functions of a processor as well as surround sound and video. The result is very high quality sound from each source with high quality video from the Blu-ray and DirecTV HD-DVR. I use Velodyne SMS-1s for acoustic room correction for the HGS-15 subs.

Dbphd I never even thought about that option. I really am going to have to think about the high quality stereo preamp as a possibility. I think the only drawback to that is if I have more than two hdmi devices to connect, but I suppose a simple hdmi switch into the Oppo would work if I had three devices (dvr, Mac mini, and future xbox). Or I could just use the tv as an hdmi switch as well since my Mac mini is using the Oppo dac for sound anyways... The other drawback is that I need to invest in a SPL meter and learn how to use it...

Pdn the integra 80.3 was an option for me as well. I guess I'm spoiled with Audessey XT now. 40.2 was out because I wanted a processor with xlr outs--my amps have it so I figured why not.

Thank you both for the input-I'm going with the Marantz for now--I got a great deal on one. But I really like the stereo preamp option and may try that out in the future.

I just bought two extra surround speakers so now I can try 7.1 but I've got to look at stereo or mono amps for my mains... This really is a great obsession. This was my first posting ever, so I really thank you both for the input!
Try the inexpensive Radio Shack SPL meter. It comes with simple instructions and is totally adequate for the job. I assume you use the excellent analog output of the Oppo 105, because that's what distinguishes it from a 103. Many posters on the Oppo 105 owners' thread at AVS would argue that a direct connection to the amps will be superior than through any of the processors you are considering. The analog processing of the 105 really is good, so even if you use a Marantz 8801 you might want to go around it for stereo.