Help with streamer software

I ordered a PS Audio streamer, the AirLens, due here this week. PS Audio does not have an app for their streamer, and I am not interested in using Roon. I found a full-featured app called JPlay that works very well for streaming Qobuz to my current Lumin streamer.

My problem is that I listen to a lot of internet radio, and that is not supported by JPlay. TuneIn and other radio apps that I am aware of do not stream directly to higher-end devices. I know I can stream to my ipad and bump that over to the streamer but the quality problems are well known.

Does anyone know of a radio app for iOS that will stream directly to a higher-end DNLA / UPnP streamer? Or is there another way to solve this without getting into the Roon world?

Thanks in advance.


@markmuse I too recently heard the PS Audio Directstream MK3 DAC in my home and was very impressed (even though I went with another [more expensive] option).  I didn't even notice that it had I2S.  

To be clear, I'm not saying avoid I2S.  Sounds like PS Audio is building around it so I'm sure they've done a good job... so now you have to hope that the other end of the cable is good.  I guess PS Audio Streamer to PS Audio DAC would be well implemented but you didn't like the streamer.  Best of luck.

Thanks for your first hand report on their streamer.


I second @mahler123. I have the Cambridge CXN V2. The price point is hard to beat right now on it and it streams everything I could possibly want. I have my network library plugged in, my CD transport runs through it, and with the selection of streaming radio stations from my local public radio to German techno, BBC, and Radio Paradise’s 3 channels I’m not lacking in choices. I find the app easy to use and CA continues to update it.



@markmuse I have been considering the purchase of the AirLens also just for streaming Qobuz.  I just recently added an Aurender N20 to my system that will also stream Qobuz, so I am not convinced that the AirLens would be a step up as far as sound quality goes.  If I had to have another APP to stream Qobuz with the AirLens that would give me another reason to pause on the decision.  Thoughts, anyone?

The OP mentioned, "I know I can stream to my iPad and bump that over to the streamer but the quality problems are well known."

Uh, would someone please tell me the short version of what those "quality problems" are?  Thanks. I'd like to know before going down a similar rabbit hole.

If we are talking about lossy Internet Radio, do those "quality problems" really matter that much?  I mean, the OP could get a cheap $500 streamer from NAD, Cambridge, Bluesound, or God-forbid, a $220 WiiM, and do IR all day long from Tunein, vTuner, or even custom URL streams like the one from Octave Records.


I downloaded Jplay to test. Using it now on my Lumen and it is very good. Full featured and sounds great. The Airhead is due here on Wednesday. But if you have the N20 now I wouldn’t change unless you also have a PS A DAC, in which case it might be worth a try. The N20 is very nice.


Maybe I should get the CXN V2 just to play IR. First I have to discover if the Airhead is indeed better with my DAC than my Lumin, then go from there.

Thanks all!