Any experience with Magna Mano Ultra MkIII streamer


Has someone heard the Magna Mano Ultra MkIII? Any feedbacks on how it sounds and compared to any other streamer you may have used?

I will primarily use it for Roon (Qobuz) and Spotify. And if software allows for HQPlayer NAA.

The other streamer I am considering is Holo Red streamer.


I haven’t heard this component either but owner feedback and word of mouth praise is very positive. Hans Beekhuyzen owns and greatly admires his Grimm MU1 music server. In his review of the Magna Mano Ultra MK III he enthusiastically said it’s at least 80% of his MU1.

This is an exceptional compliment for a audio streamer that is priced at roughly 1300 USD. Quite flattering. This price includes an external LPS the Farad Super 3. Very nice!


The mano's $1300 USD is still more than I want to spend.

I wish there was a $500 USD streamer with i2s for my Denafrips Ares II 12th anniversary DAC.

The Kitsune Holo Red has I2S and is quite good. Given its price I’m quite happy with it.

I purchased the Mano-Ultra Mk-lll about 3 months ago, as the new PS DirectSteam

Mk-ll does not have the network bridge as the DS-1

The Mano-Ultra Mk-lll is simply an outstanding music streamer…it out performed the install network bridge in the DS-1 in transparency, resolution, and sound stage 

depth and width

In fact playing a track on the PS Audio DirectStream Memory Player Mk-Il, then switching to the same track on Qobuz through the Mano-Ultra Mk-lll is almost impossible to tell the’s that great

I am using I2S connection, but I installed a custom made 110 ohm digital cable made from Mogami AES-EBU Cable and difference is hard to hear…

If have the knowledge the Mano-Ultra Mk-lll  can be set up for YouTube as an app to be controlled by the Mano-Ultra Mk-lll same as Quboz or Tidal bypassing AIRPLAY…

The Guys at Mano HiFi are great for technical support…Rob especially help me understand how to setup the Mano-Ultra Mk-lll




Appreciate your input and listening impressions. How simple is it to set up and navigate Qobuz and Tidal? Word of mouth feedback regarding sound quality is very positive. I’m curious about the app implementation and ease of use.


I was thinking the same thing, I also have little interest in going back to using Roon even though I have a lifetime subscription, I was an early adapter but out grew it. 

In response to Charles…if have you basic computer knowledge the Mano-Ultra Mk-lll is like installing most software’s on a computer 

The manual is great the way it guides you during the setup…

The guys at Mano HIFI are great as my computer knowledge lesson over my retirement years, but will the support of Rob my understanding of the installation become much easier 

If fact I was able to setup the Mano-Ultra Mk- lll to allow YOUTUBE to work directly as an app…without AIRPLAY

Great Streamer

I have had the Denafrips Venus Dac for a few months and now that it’s burned and  sounds great it’s time to get a streamer, I have been looking at the Mano Ultra, do you guys still think it’s a great streamer and have you been using Is2 …

I would love to hear more about the Mano Ultra mkIII from those who have used it or compared it to the HoloAudio Red. 

Looks interesting and the reviews are positive. I personally have no use for just a streamer. 

I'm also curious about this network streamer. I'm looking for something I can run Squeezebox LMS on. I wonder if it's an upgrade from Raspberry pi with Allo digione signature card.?

I’m looking for something I can run Squeezebox LMS on.

Both the Holo Audio Red Streamer and the SOtM SMS200 Ultra Neo (and the lessor model SMS200) have LMS support built in.

The Red is a $850 streamer, the SMS200 Ultra Neo is $1,200.

The SMS streamers only output USB, the Red has a full compliment of outputs USB, BNC, AES-EBU, Toslink and I2S.

Neither of these have an associated music App and would have to be used with an outboard front end like ROON, etc.