Help With System hum, Please

I have a hum in my system at higher volume between songs at when lower level imformation on a song is being played.It sounds like an amplified sound coming from the speakers.
My phono pre is a Zesto Andros (stock tubes)turntable is a VPI superscoutmaster,cartridge is a dynavector XX2mk11.The cable between the tt and phono stage is an ortofon phono cable and then cardas golden ref going from phono stage to the pre.

I have tried running extra grounds from the TT with no luck.Could the stock tubes be the problem?The tubes are JJ's.Any suggestions would be great as this is driving me crazy.I have eden sound terra stone footers on the TT.

Being new to vinyl, I have another question.Should the stock powercord going from the vpi sds to the outlet and the pc going from the sds to the tt be replaced with after market power cords?I am not sure what to try next to solve this problem.
Thanks in advance
Do you experience hum playing other source? Does it happen only with vinyl?
Doesn't the Andros have all sorts of grounding options on the back--float, etc? Try those and see.
Regards, Moonguy: You may have a ground loop hum. This will sometimes occur with a metal bodied cart on a metal tonearm.

There MAY be a small grounding strap on one of the cartridge's ground pins, see:

In this photo (no association with the seller), the first I could find, it's visible on the blue (left) ground pin. The strap is designed for removal, should this be necessary to eliminate this particular ground loop. A nonconductive isolator between the cart & headshell, with nylon mounting screws will also eliminate this type of hum.

Good luck &