Help with tube choice

I need help choosing an E88CC/6DJ8 tube for my headphones/preamp.    I know Siemens, Telefunken, etc, but I'm looking for people who use the E88CC/6DJ8 and have heard of tubes, im open to any tube, i only have a $125 budget for a pair.


I like a warm sound but not too warm, good bass, and magic in the midrange with a sparkle on top, don't we all want that?  Shoot me the best tubes you use in this group; there are too many to choose from, and my budget makes it difficult.




Yeah i know about those read some reviews but way over the budget, there like $300 a pair.

Try Brent, he has some offerings in your price range. Keep scrolling down his page.

Brent Jesse

Bugle boy, if you want to save some money Brent Jesse has some Hewlett-Packard 6dj8 that are just rebranded Bugle Boys for a cheaper price. There are many to choose from but the Bugle Boy is a nice place to start a collection.

Thanks guys I'm going to talk to Brent and see what he's got for me in my price range.