Help with tube choice

I need help choosing an E88CC/6DJ8 tube for my headphones/preamp.    I know Siemens, Telefunken, etc, but I'm looking for people who use the E88CC/6DJ8 and have heard of tubes, im open to any tube, i only have a $125 budget for a pair.


I like a warm sound but not too warm, good bass, and magic in the midrange with a sparkle on top, don't we all want that?  Shoot me the best tubes you use in this group; there are too many to choose from, and my budget makes it difficult.




Yeah i know about those read some reviews but way over the budget, there like $300 a pair.

Try Brent, he has some offerings in your price range. Keep scrolling down his page.

Brent Jesse

Bugle boy, if you want to save some money Brent Jesse has some Hewlett-Packard 6dj8 that are just rebranded Bugle Boys for a cheaper price. There are many to choose from but the Bugle Boy is a nice place to start a collection.

Thanks guys I'm going to talk to Brent and see what he's got for me in my price range.

So many so called NOS 6922 are "pulls" , tubes that are used but test "new"    This is one tube I would like to see WE make .    

Hey thanks I spoke to Brent great guy definitely knows his stuff and the guy that recommended the bugle boys nailed it that's exactly what he told me to get to start out with he said The Next Step Up would be amerex gold pin.  I'm going to get one of these pair of tubes not sure which one but one of them.

I have the Amprex gold pin, SQ, PQ’s all seem brighter in my system than the bugle boy. Valvo’s are mellower, Orange globe are brighter than white lablel amprex gold pin SQ,PQ. Bugle Boy can be a Goldilocks tube sometimes. 

if your preamp takes multiple 6922’s I mix and match maybe a Valvo and a PQ the Valvo can tame the PQ and give it nice balance if I’m using a silver cable.

Please confirm this with Brent my findings may be personal but the bugle boy has always been on of my favorites for there price and performance.


My amp came with the russsian gold lion gold pins 6922 there okay but lack in sound stage and can be a little bright they remind me of Telefunkens but lacking. They sounded nice at first but spending a little time with them their faults become apparent. 

+100% on Bugle Boy’s best sound for the $.  Gold pin 6922 also a good choice but a jump in price.  Owned both and sounded excellent in my DAC.  I would recommend the Russian 6922 equivalent 6n23h.  They sound even better on my DAC.  Compare them to 7308 and E188CC’s.  Have to get the Single wire getter version. Both Reflector and Voshkod sound great.  Have both. Downside is you have to order from Ukraine taking 3 weeks.  I have had good experience and cost is low enough to be low risk. I like to help them out during the awful war.  see link ‘73 1st choice. Good luck with your search!


Yeah I was interested in some reflector tubes they seem to get good reviews and they're not that pricey most of that stuff come from Ukraine you're right and with the war going on it just takes forever.

look at Ness Tones  he has some cheap ones that I have used around $10 each.  Worth a try before you go completely crazy.

Ok, i will try some Jan Philips 6922s if there reasonably priced.

I will look into Ness Tones, never heard of it but i will check it out.



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FWIW I use new production JJ or Tesla (older versions) E88CC in my Woo headphone amp and my Raysonic CDP. Tonally they are a bit on the warm side of neutral and dead quiet in both units. They have good longevity and, best of all, are inexpensive. FWIW, if you want warm tubes of this variety I'd stay away from the Russians and I expect that any NOS tubes you buy that are both on the warm side and low noise will be a bit expensive. Caveat emptor. :-)


I'd also check out Brent Jessee at and Andy Bouwman at 

It's best to call and talk to them as they can better understand your needs. Of course after you've visited their web sites and took the time to see what they may have. It's actually a fun way to educate yourself and have your questions ready for them when you guys talk. Hope this helps.



I have heard of JJ and they're not very expensive.  Lots of great choices you guys have given me.  It's really kind of overwhelming so so many tubes.  I don't expect to nail it on the first buy, i will have to roll for sure.

I think in the amp I'm getting the E88cc/6922 will have the most impact on the sound.

Cannot help you, sorry.

I wish I knew what E88 tubes Luxman uses (and Cayin 6sl7/6sn7 also) so when their branded tubes get old, I know what to get that sounds like them.

I bought a pair of 6SN7 or 6SL7's from Brent for my Cayin. Didn't like them even after break-in, returned them, tried another version (half the price), sounded wonderful just like the Cayin's, I paid the shipping, Brent gave me a refund for the cost difference. Just dumb luck, a different tube might have sounded 'better'. 

I think 'preferred', not better) is my reality with tubes over the years.

I also found some original Cayin tubes on eBay (seller was using different tubes in his Cayin amp., bought them for the future.