Herbie's fantastical mat vs anyGiven Spotmat

I have been searching/reading posts re Herbie's LP mat and am drawn to it like the dead to the living. But am I just a Zombie, or what?

I have spent some time making spotmats and think I've gotten it down pretty good. A semi-chaotic array of cork dots across and 11' diameter foam mat. Space for the label and short enought so that the rim is off-mat. -no dishing. (all inspiration and helpfull instruction from theanalogdept.com)

The sound to me, comared to the felt is much more detailed and tight. The cork seems to hold the record securely and a 1+ lb weight adds all the insurance I think I need. The mat freely lets go of the LP as the platter is spinning.

I'm not dissing Herbie here, I have his CD mat and like it alot. It makes listening to headphones over my cheap Sony portable cdp enjoyable. [it shrill and broken up at the extemes previously]. And I will probably not keep myself from getting the Grungebuster2 LP mat for my future acrylic platter, soon, soon.

BUT - has anyone 1 to 1 compared these type of mats? Specifically these two type of mats. (BTW, I know that I can try and return.)
It is just hard for me to beleive that anything can beat this spotmat. my only complaint is sibilants on old records.

using: nad533 tt | rb250 w/ technoweight | Denon Dl-110 | Cambridge 540p ph pre

Willing Tobewrong

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It's not a contest or anything. If you're getting good results and are happy with what you have, great. Why worry?
not yet ...
but I am getting closer. thing is, there are so many other things to spend your money on that once you get the spotmat beating the rubber mat on now my second table that I am sure that the spotmat is a good thing.

I have moved on to an idler table and there are many who think that the Herbie is a killer on those kinds of tables. Others think that the Funk mat can't be beat on that kind of table.

I have not yet heard of anyone moving from a spotmat to either the Herbie's or the Funk mat. It's not that I don't want to give it a try but, I do. I know about the money back thing. I am just curious to hear from others. Still waiting.
Could you elaborate on what a spot mat is, or provide a link that does so?

What kind of foam? Does the record rest on the cork dots?