Here comes the PS Audio's streamer -- anyone excited?

Many here are much more well versed in good streamers than me. Interested in reactions to this new entry.



This sort of marketing hyperbole is what drives me nuts about this company. At around the 4:30 mark it sounds like he is claiming they invented the sony/Phillips I2S data format. Even if you can say well he meant the interface to access,  all that amounts to is a pin layout for HDMI.  I also don't get the notion USB  which uses galvanic isolation in any decent implementation is terrible but digital coax and HDMI  with galvanic isolation on this is great.  So I'm not at all excited about nothing new to see here.

The I2s advantage is that clock and data are provided to the DAC. In other videos Paul makes clear that they took the internal I2s bus and created their own standard to externalize I2s. He is their prime salesperson.  He sold me on the value of I2s.

Any updates on this?  I find the inability to play Apple Music, Spotify (for playlists/tracks unavailable on Qobuz), on the new DAC Mk. II frustrating.  I would have preferred a single box solution with two price points.  Love the idea of a preferred output stage -- can you feed a ROON NUC into this streamer (as an alternative to the SGP System Optique setup).  Seems silly to have multiple mini-computers in a system.

probably the best streamer out there. Paul has it right, USB is the worst, I2S is the best, then Ethernet, but most people don't want to spend the money for a good dac with these inputs, they will be a cheap dac with usb and then spend hundreds if not thousands of $$$ trying to make USB work.

I would take this streamer over an Aurender or Auralic any day. If you use Roon, then why would you use a 3rd rate software like surrenders or even Auralic's?