Heresy IV vs Zu DW6/Soul mk2

Hey guys, looking for opinions on Zu and Klipsch Heritage speakers.  I really like the looks of both brands, and am seeking a speaker that will work well with live concerts (Phish/Dead) for my living room system. Any pros and cons to be aware of?  Any others worth cross shopping? Also leaning towards the smaller models because I can’t have too much bass extension due to neighbors. 


Hey @perkadin, just caught this thread and wanted to comment. I have Zu Soul in my upstairs system, but they always left me wanting a bit more. For a single female vocal with maybe just some strings, they are great. Something more complex and fast (think Yes, as an example) they definitely wouldn’t be my first choice. I recently brought home a very clean set of Klipsch Quartets and really enjoy them on tubes. They aren’t as strong visually, but they are very presentable. Haven’t decided but I now have 5 sets of speakers and 2 systems, so wife is going to pressure me to thin the herd.

With regard to your bass comment yeah if you are trying to minimize it, Zu could be good.  Before I put my new speakers downstairs I rotated the Zu's into my solid state setup for a weekend.  They are easily 2' from front and sidewalls and there was very little bass as a result.  Almost like they need to be close to the wall.  

I have a nice pair of upgraded (Crites Xver and Tweeters) Klipsch Quartets.  Baby Fortes.  Good bass, great live sound, use a 6 watt Grommes amp. and Not expensive

So a bit of an update- I was able to find a pair of Forte IV’s locally and so far they are absolutely amazing, except for one issue. I’ll get the bad news out of the way- I got my first neighbor sound complaint in over two years within the first 5 minutes of turning them on. I’m a little gun shy now on their dynamic range, its truly impressive and nothing like traditional speakers. Other then that they are exactly what I was looking for. They were too overpowering in the office, but perfect for my living room, and still great for HT despite no longer having a center channel. I don’t think I’ll miss it though, these have terrific imaging. I’m thrilled with these horns and the Forte IV. Its a different approach to high sensitivity compared to Zu with a very different result.