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DAC suggestions for a reasonably modest system
MHDT makes great tube DACs   
Which turntable? Pro-Ject or VPI?
VPI  the HW-19 can still be upgraded and repaired by a decent DIYer   built like a tank  if under $1000 seems like a fair price if in VG condition  
Looking for recommendations for integrated with a more “organic” sound.
With those speakers I'd look at Decware  
Sub $2,000 Integrated Amp Recommendations
Tubes, look at Decware, Quicksilver, Line Magnetic  
Do You Buy Speakers Without Hearing Them?
i did that with 3 speakers   BW602s2 Triangle Comte Ref 3A de Capos-had these for 14 years now  
Klipsch forte 2
go to hifi shark  
Best Covers
Our local NPR station has both a news and a music station.  The Colorado Sound at 105.5 has a DJ that does a Boil and Cover segment and comes up with the best and most interesting covers and plays them both.  
Kenwood KR-10000 III questions
check hifi shark for pricing $1K to 2K depending on condition and testing-old caps?  
Starting a Classical Vinyl Music Collection
Classical Vinyls seems to be everywhere and cheap, thrift stores   if you cant afford a RCM then get a nice carbon fiber brush  
Best vinyl shopping in Colorado?
Denver: Twist and Shout on East Colfax and York WaxTrax on 13 ave around Logan   there are 2 nice vinyl stores in Old Town Fort Collins spacing the names also in Loveland there is a nice place on East 4th Street just east of Lincoln/287 Denv... 
Recommendations on integrated amps
For a workshop why not try a Yamaha receiver?    
Why do I prefer R2R over Chip based DAC's?
If you like rich very musical DACs look for a used MHDT usually under1K  
Phono cable not caps to le with preamp?
Ground issue?  
Young audiophile metal head looking to level up speaker choice
Get a nice set of Klipsch Quartets, very live sounding, can go very loud and good prices  
Denver used market?
Aural  great folks