het part 2

i have a mcintosh mx132 on standby with the red light on. i have a mcintosh mc602 in the remote mode with the red light on. when not in use, is it ok to cover the vents of the mx132 and heat sinks of the 602?
YES. 50 years I been using silks.. works perfect..

I leave the silks draped and usually just flip them back. If I want to show off I uncover and get a micro rag. Like I say 50+ years with Macs, tubes and HOT gear.. Never a problem.. 

We see 115 degree days here.. Yea it gets HOT...

I'd say yes, I agree with oldhvymec. I don't cover my stuff except for turntable, but I have HEPA air purifiers that I run continuously, except when listening. I haven't tried silk, but sounds good because it's virtually lint free and not abrasive.

FYI, I cover my McIntosh MA6600 integrated.  It sits out in the open on top of my audio rack.  There is a guy on FB who makes custom covers for audio equipment.  I paid less than $40.00 for a custom cover that perfectly fits my amp.  It’s black on the outside and the inner side has a soft cloth. The model # of my amp is on the front of the cover.  At this time of year, no more pollen on and inside the integrated.  
@ebm, your answer is not complete. only reason why i ask about this is because of the dust that falls on my units. what do you suggest i do???
Custom vinyl cover on my integrated cool running amp.  Gotta keep the Maine Coon cats and Golden Retriever hairs out!  Not to mention the normal dust and pollen.  I’d contact McIntosh to get their opinion.
Can you feel any heat on the top of the metal cases for either units when they are in "standby"? If you can't, I would say the recommendation of silk would be much more desirable than plastic vinyl. There will be a very slight amount of heat that could be detected with an infrared thermometer.
Cotton, too much lint in my opinion.
BTW my only piece of equipment that has a "standby", does put out a little heat when in standby. Nothing compared to an amp running at very low volumes though. I believe the heat rise from unplugged compared to standby was only 2-3 degrees.