Hi Fi news test LP destroying my Apheta 3 cartridge + another cheap cartridge (another TT)

A while ago I posted here a topic about Hi Fi news test LP destroying my Apheta 3 cartridge and another 10$ cartridge on a different TT.
Today I can update that Rega charged me about 200$ for the repair + 200$ for taxes on the repair.
Analogue seduction shop said they saw no issue with the test LP and threw the ball to Hi Fi news.
I ended up with the damage and no one (Rega, Analogue seduction shop and Hi Fi news) claims responsibility for the incident :-(


Analogue Seduction has been awesome to deal with, been buying from them for years. What is it that you are trying to test with a test record? Is it really even needed? Never used one. I set all my stuff up using a USB microscope, works fine for me.


Diamond tip and wire remains

Are you saying the stylus embedded into a pit on the record surface and detached from the cantilever? Exactly where did the wire come from?

I looked at the tip of the bent Apheta 3 and and it is still there. I can only guess that something else was stuck there in the manufacturing process or... it is the tip of my second TT which was also damaged. I forgot to inspect it before I threw it (cost only 10$ to replace)