Hi Fi news test LP destroying my Apheta 3 cartridge + another cheap cartridge (another TT)

A while ago I posted here a topic about Hi Fi news test LP destroying my Apheta 3 cartridge and another 10$ cartridge on a different TT.
Today I can update that Rega charged me about 200$ for the repair + 200$ for taxes on the repair.
Analogue seduction shop said they saw no issue with the test LP and threw the ball to Hi Fi news.
I ended up with the damage and no one (Rega, Analogue seduction shop and Hi Fi news) claims responsibility for the incident :-(


How could an LP damage a phono cartridge? I don’t get it, unless maybe the disc was badly warped and sent the pickup arm flying.

I have used the HiFi News test disc many times without incident, a very valuable setup tool. I have no idea how this disc "destroyed" your cartridge, please elaborate.

The cantilever snapped on both the Apheta3/Planar8 and on another 50$ TT which I used as a reference test:

I looked at the Test record via a stereoscope and found at the exact spot where the cantilever snapped something embedded in the grove:



They have hundreds of people attack them with glorious reasons for broken cartridges so any kind of damage like that is going to be considered self inflicted and beyond warranty. Time to move on.

Analogue Seduction has been awesome to deal with, been buying from them for years. What is it that you are trying to test with a test record? Is it really even needed? Never used one. I set all my stuff up using a USB microscope, works fine for me.


Diamond tip and wire remains

Are you saying the stylus embedded into a pit on the record surface and detached from the cantilever? Exactly where did the wire come from?

I looked at the tip of the bent Apheta 3 and and it is still there. I can only guess that something else was stuck there in the manufacturing process or... it is the tip of my second TT which was also damaged. I forgot to inspect it before I threw it (cost only 10$ to replace)