HiDiamond Speaker Cables

Even though I own all HiDiamond interconnects and power cords, I have maintained my DIY speaker cables that are made out of pure 9999 silver 14 & 18 gauge soft annealed wire.

I would be very interested in opinions of the D8 speaker cables from those of you who have them.
For biwire, do you have 2 separate runs or are you using jumpers?

I have a pair of D8's (shotgun) and compared them off other SC's up to $12K. What finally sold me were:
- accurate tonality
- ability to represent crystal highs but w/o any edge
- low Bass, tight - accurate
- reasonable cost.

In the end, for the ask and then delivery of these cables, the choice was easy.
Ozzy, below is a copy of my response to your post under power cables.

Ozzy, I have the D7 and use two pairs instead of jumpers. I find that two pairs of cables vs bi-wire or just a single run with jumpers give a better sound top to bottom. I found this to be with other brands I have also had in my system.
Not sure if it is speaker dependent or not. I have B&W 802D.
But several members in a Audio Club I belong to have found the same to be true and they all use different speakers.

IMHO if budget permits go with two pairs.

Out of all the HiDiamond cables I have had in my system I found the D7 to be one of the best speaker cables at its price point and competes with more costly cables I have had in my system.(Nordost, MIT, Synergistic, etc)

As far as the P3 and the #2 XLR cables, I did not found them to be any better then others brands in their price points. Not bad just not better.

I have been planing on selling my two pairs of D7 but have not had a chance yet to list them as work keeps getting in the way. So if you have any interest PM.

I hope the above helped.
Hifial, Thanks for your response. Not sure why you want to sell them if you like them so much but I would probably be more interested in the D8 speaker cables.
Ozzy, I am always looking to better my system if and where I can. Also I prefer that my interconnect and speaker cables be of the same brand.
So I am evaluating some new cables that if all goes well I will stay with.

Regardless, I stand by my above statement of the D7 Speaker cables.

Good luck.

Siddh, if it helps my D7 sounded good after several days on a cable cooker plus about a 100 hours of play but really came into its own around 500 hours. Around then is when they show their stuff. Before that you will be wondering if this all of it. But wait it for it and you will have a smile on your face. Do not get me wrong as they sound good before that just not as great as the will sound.
They will continue to improve a little for the next 500 hours.

As the D7 and D8 are similar I would expect the same from both.

Of course this is in my system and YMMV but I doubt by much in this case.

Hope this helps you.

Jgwilson,HIFIal, thank you for your opinions.
I always thought that my DIY speaker cables are the best I would ever need. But boy, am I tempted to complete the loom with all HiDiamond cables.

Sabai, Do you own the D8 Speaker cables?
Ozzy, you know the only way to find out is try them in your system. You've already blown your kids inheritance. Thank GOD mortgage rates are still low so equity loan is an option for 2 pairs of D8s. LOL!!!
Ozzy, I must say if you do not have the HiDiamond Speaker Cables in your system then you do not know how much better your system will sound.
As I have said before, out of all the HiDiamond Cable I have had in my system the only type that really made a worthwhile improvement was the speaker cable. Whether it was with the all HiDiamond loom or just by its self it stood out as a great cable.

Just get it.
I will chime in here. Just completed my "full loom" of HiDiamond, including P4 powercords to monoblocks, preamp and DAC. D8 speaker cables(full range to magnepan MG20's). XLR3 from Preamp to amps, and from DAC to preamp, and AAES Reference from digital player (Bryston) to DAC. The most recent additions were the P4's to the amps. All I can say is WoW. What a revelation in musical presentation, wholeness and fatigue-free listening. The surprises in the music are startling - a low subterranean shudder from an acoustic venue where you had never heard it before, the shimmery airy fade of a cymbal, the chest sound of a vocalist that was previously all "mouth"...I could go on and on. I cannot say which component provided what benefit, except to say that each addition was an enhancement. I tried P3 cables first, and upgraded to P4. Other than that, all others started at the highest iteration of the line. Coming from a full-blown Synergistic Research approach, the simplicity and elegance of the physical setup, the attractive look of the entire HD line, were simply icing on the sonic cake. Needless to say, I'm a fan.
Knghifi,Hifial,Tympani, Thank you all for the comments.

The problem I will have is I would need a 4 meter set due to my present system layout. Also, I am biwiring, do I need 2 separate runs or will jumpers do? Yikes! $$$

Tympani, I also want to get the Bryston player and Dac.

Now, where did I stash that extra $10 grand...
Ozzy, 4 METERS! OUCH!! I would say two separate runs even more so now over jumpers. But wait, are you bi-wiring or bi-amping?
My recommendation for two pairs is for bi-amping. As some amps have two sets of outputs vs four mono blocks.

Good luck
I just wanted to give my opinion on my D8 speaker cables now that my set has slightly over 500 hours on them. The D8 speaker cables were my last addition of HiDiamond cables to my system to complete a full loom. I have owned everything from $1000-$10000 in speaker cables and I do not believe in the word "best" when it comes to cables but I do believe in personal best for your system. I have owned most of the top manufacturers that everybody mentions on these forums and certainly some of them were good but none as good as the D8 cables in my system and again I stress these is just my personal experience. The D8 were rough for the first 24 hours but after 24 hours they sounded much more smooth. At about 100 hours the top end of the D8 was producing nice resolution and a solid bottom end, slightly better than my previous reference speaker cables. The D8 cables continued to improve but at around 350 hours things suddenly took a huge leap forward. I had left my system playing continually for about 24 hours and when I returned I home noticed that the bottom end sounded like there was another lower octave playing through my speakers that was not there before but with a ton more precision. The strings on certain instruments were now literally live and 3 feet in front of my speakers where the artist should be but again much more focused and less fatiguing sound than any of my previous cables. Words were more clear and male vocals now had weight to them but not bloated weight just clear male bravado that was never there before. I have owned most configurations of speaker cables including bi-wired silver and cooper but with HiDiamond D8 I went with D8 and their best jumpers. I have now replaced all my previous more expensive cables with a full loom of HiDiamond cables and consider this the very best my system has ever sounded. I will not mention any other manufacturers because the other manufacturers may work well for you but I will say I have never heard more detailed, non-fatiguing cables with deeper bass than the D8 speaker cables. I will also say I waited to replace my speaker cables last because I considered them my best cables in my system. Last but not least; even if you were to offer me some cables to try on my system I would take pass because this is what I have always strived for.

Paz307, Wow great review of the D8 speaker cables performance in your system.
The fact that you are using the jumpers gives me faith that I still may be able to afford a 4 meter set after all.
Ozzy, as far as jumpers vs two pairs, based on my experience ( and others that I know of) with both, two pair of speaker cables will give you better performance but at a higher price.

Others who have tried both feel that it is better to use two pair vs jumpers even if that means going with a less expensive pair of cables in the line. Please understand this has nothing to do with my sale of the cables just honest advise.

I have used my HiDiamonds both ways in my system and others who have heard them used with and without jumpers could easily hear the improvement with two pairs.

Of course it is possible that the jumpers from HiDiamond might close the gap a bit.

I am in the same boat as you because the cables I now have I had to go with a single run and have to use jumpers. I am positive the sound would be better with two pairs but I can not offered two pairs.
So I will now try better jumpers to see if I can get even better sound. Do not misunderstand me the sound is great I just feel there is that last little bit.

Boy it sucks having to have a budget in this hobby.

I have to agree with Hifial. In my experience two sets of speaker cables have sounded better than one set used in conjunction with jumpers. I have also found that tri-wiring with 3 sets of speaker cables have sounded better than one bi-wire set with another single set of speaker cables.

The least effective sound has been with a single set of speaker cables and a factory set of "solid" jumper brackets (not Cable jumpers).

The next best sound was with one set of speaker cables with short matching speaker cable jumpers.

Bi-wired cables probably fit right around here depending on their design, as well as the speaker design. I don' t like the bi-wired Cable option as much, because it doesn't leave me with a logical upgrade path to have 2 matching sets of speaker cables down the road, and the bi-wired set may not be needed with my next pair of speakers.

The best sound in my experience was with 2 matching sets of speaker cables. It improves the overall presentation, things like; sound-staging, imaging, transparency, resolution and air. The improvements aren't incredible but they are there. Currently, I'm using one set of speaker cables with matching jumpers and I will add a matching set down the road, when funds allow it.

I would buy the Best single pair of cables that you like and use a set of matching cable jumpers and then you will have a nice upgrade path for adding a matching set of the same cables down the road if you so choose.

4 meters is kind of long (expensive), ouch!!
Why don't you rearrange your system and put your amp in between your speakers?

Rich, Thanks for your thoughtful response. I will probably go with the single run with jumpers first.

I wish I could put the Amp in the middle, but I am limited due to: Home theater equipment, Audio Equipment, proper speaker separation, and outlet placement.
I saw and listened to Hidiamond at the Newport audio THE SHOW and the combination of LAMM industries fabulous SET mono blocks dc10audio Berlin R and HiDiamond were my favorite sounds at the show I would say MBL a close second I don't remember which cables MBL set up used used.

Although one can't credit great sound to just the cable collection it was clear that the HiDiamond delivered all the sound and was open and real and dynamic!!
Well I just purchased a PS Audio P10 Power regenerator at a pretty good price, so now I will need another P4 power cord for it.
I guess the speaker cables will have to wait.

My Pleasure Ozzy!
Congrats on the new PS Audio P10!

Kindly let us know how it turns out.

Thank you Rich.

I just went full monty on the PS Audio P10 power plant with the Quantum chips.

I used a transformer chip, Power chip, 8 large cap and 4 small cap chips along with a HIFI Supreme fuse with a fuse chip.
Wow, what dynamics! The stage seems to have deepened immensely.

Speaker cables??? I will be back...
I have just posted a Hidiamond D8 one meter up for sale. I own HD cables in my system and love them. Just thought I would give a heads up here first.

I own a P4 and P3 and also a D8 interconnect with one extra one for sale. Sold my preamp.

Take care.
I purchased the Hidiaomnd D8 two meter speaker cables back in 2012. Compared them to my Kondo Silver and VD Genesis. As good if not more live and real sounding. These cables do not make me want to change much if anything at all in my system....and that speaks volumes as i probably went through speaker cables and interconnects every 18 months or so. Sold the Kondo and Virtual Dynamics, with absolutely no regrets then or now.
I purchased the Hidiamond D8 two meter speaker cables back in 2012. Compared them to my Kondo Silver and VD Genesis. As good if not more live and real sounding. These cables do not make me want to change much if anything at all in my system....and that speaks volumes as i probably went through speaker cables and interconnects every 18 months or so. Sold the Kondo and Virtual Dynamics, with absolutely no regrets then or now.
has anyone compared the HiDiamond speaker cables to the Sablon Panatela speaker cables?
After reading comments here, responses from owners (thanks for all those who have replied to my pm) and having experienced great results with the P3 and P4 power cords. I ordered a pair of D8 from Robert at WorldWideSales and couldn't be happier. My last speaker cables were High Fidelity Cables CT1E, whilst I find the CT1E faster and more resolving, the D8 has absolutely no fatigue over long hours of listening, probably due to the fact that its high are smoother, and, I would add the D8 is more musical (in my system and to my ears).
I'm using the HiDiamond D8, 3XLR and one P4 in my integrated system with great results. I've done no comparisons to the High Fidelity Cables although years ago I did purchase some of the High Fidelity interconnects when they first were advertised and Rick was still located in Canada.
Lak. Happy to hear about your full loom experience.

I am very curious to hear the comparisons between HD top RCA interconnects with HFC CT1E.
I have compare HD D9 ic with HFC ct1e in my system , while I like HD xlr3 over ct1e , I think for RCA ct1e is much better , HD d9 has its house sound , warm, relaxing , airy and a bit laid back, but it lack detail and dynamic ,speed of ct1e in my system.
The 2 cables was use from Cd-pre. From pre-power-speaker are HD xlr3 - HD D8sc
Thanks Noom for this relevant info. I can image that HD IC cables are a little bit laid back and works excellent in e.g. a solid state system.

I am wary of getting more of HFC as they do not have any S/N (which is inexcusable at their price range) so knowing the right version is impossible and Rick has tweaked the cables a lot. Or are we are buying "beta" versions?