High efficiency bookshelf speakers for 300B SET

I am thinking of jumping into tubeland with a 8-9 watt 300B SET amplifier. I have been looking at vintage horn speakers such as the Klipsch Cornwall and would love to be able to own them... but they are too large and heavy. I need a good pair of very sensitive bookshelf speakers so that I can use them in a college dorm room. (imagine me trying to get away with the Cornwalls...)

I'd prefer $1000 or under used. Can be newer or vintage models... as long as it is musical, dynamic and represents the frequencies well. I listen to a lot of genres...
You're not going to get a lot of deep bass out of any bookshelf (that I know of) with sufficient sensitivity to mate with a <10wpc 300B amp. I used a pair of 3a deCapo (large-ish) monitors successfully with a pair of Cary 300B monos. Dynamics are somewhat limited as is the bottom end, but overall it worked out well.

Good Luck

You might try some Coincident Triumph UHS speakers. I had a pair a few years ago and they worked beautifully for me with a 20WPC amp that sounds more like 10WPC.

They should be available in your price range.

I was happy to have a boombox and 2 CD's and 3 cassettes when I was in college. The concept of a 300B amp in a dorm room just blows my mind.

Good luck,

I'm using Coincident Triumph Extremes with a pair of 300b 8 watts monoblocks with stunning results. I do subs but they have plenty of base on their own.
Take look at the Decware website, they have a bookshelf speaker that is meant to be used with low power amps. The model DM944 has a sensitivity of 94db and can be used with amps as low as 2 watts. Might just be the ticket!