High-end TT setup with phono stage built in

Does this exist, other than the yet to be released Burmester: https://www.burmester.de/en/home-audio/reference-line/175-turntable.html at 30000$, my budget is 1/10th that.

I am looking for SQ of a $5000 (2k TT, 1k cart, 2k phono stage) analog setup but don't want yet another box (phono preamp). Budget <5000$

Why so? Let's just say I am obsessed with reducing the number of boxes in my condo.
That is correct essrand, it is an unusual request. SME in particular makes 1st class products and you pay for it. The T+A is somewhat more of a risk. I can't imagine that you would not be thrilled with the SME. I have owned several of their products and have always been pleased. 
It may take effort to acquire a well sorted vintage EMT but they excellent. They also will continue to rise in value...

I own both a 938 and a 948 in very clean condition. No problems at all. EMT turntables are made to last a lifetime. To find one in North America just takes patience. Or they are common to find in Europe. Both these models including the 950 have a switch to operate in all countries A/C.