High Fidelity Cables?

I’ve noticed for the past week or so, that my favorite cable manufacturer, High Fidelity Cables, is closed due to Covid.  Anyone know anything more?


@tranchautuan I think you are getting the run around to be frank. From my understanding Rick was the owner of HFC and moved from the USA to Canada because of some sort of passport issues. Don't know all the circumstances but at this point I would NOT give Rick or this company any more money. Be careful and hope you can recoup some of your funds.

thks @rsf507 

I'm also aware of it. Let's see how this become. Haven't got any further respond from Rick.

This is the first actual case of someone claiming they are owed money from HFC’s abrupt shutdown, and it was for a cable upgrade. If its legit I am sure Rick will come good on this.

I too have the HFC CT-1 UR interconnects. I do not know how close they are in performance to the new Apparition or the HFC Helix cables, but they destroy every single competitor, like smash them to another planet. HFC is the only cable brand I came across that has a very distinct improvement vs the subtle improvement you normally get from cable upgrade.

I also have the CT-1 UR digital cable (its the exact same cable as the interconnects but with an orange band - the magnetic tech requires transmission lines to function). Periodically I try various digital cables and none come close.

Hi @agisthos ,

I'm sure i'm not the only one, you could see HFC facebook page,

others may have quickly or lucky enough to get their money refunded, not me.

I still have the invoice from HFC, I contact with Casey from HFC at that time.

Sound-quality wise, I'm also still prefer Rick's inventions. Currently I still use his basic CT1 interconnect and speaker cables, and power cord from his fist company Virtual Dynamics. 

But the last and largest investment lost is too much on me.

@tranchautuan I did check the facebook page and it seems there is two other people, one of which got their money back from VISA chargeback. So there is 2 people (including you) out of pocket. Not good at all, but this unfortunately can happen when a company abruptly closes. I realise its a huge amount of money.

The new Apparition cable is 5k USD and is apparently a new design above what you were expected to get when you sent in the CT-1 UR. He claims it would have been 10k if it was sold through HFC.

So if you can get a pair of this new Apparition for a small amount of money this would hopefully be fair. Keep us updated on what happens.