High frequency noise from Totem tweeter

Hi. I just wanted to ask for advice regarding an intermittent issue I've noted from my left channel Totem Forest tweeter. On certain notes/tracks (e.g. some piano notes from Diana Krall's Quiet Nights), I notice a high pitched (almost reverberating) noise that accompanies the note. It is not there through most of the songs/tracks and not noticeable at all on most of the music I play. This is never present when not playing music as well.

Current system is Arcam Alpha 7SE CD (as transport), MF XDACV3/X10V3/XPSU, Plinius 9200 integ amp, Totem Forests. Kimber Illuminati coax/Kimber Hero ICs/QED Silver Anniv Biwire.

I've tried taking out the DAC/Tube processor and the sound remains. I've tried switching the speaker cables' on the amp end and may have noticed less noise.

Is this a problem with the tweeter? Or a problem with my source (amp/speakers exposing the flaws from my CDP)?
Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Switch your speaker connection. If the hiss remains in the same speaker you know it is the tweeter, if it migrates to the other speakers, it is the electronics. To find out which component is causing the hiss, switch out the L+R interconnect until the hiss moves, and then you will know which is the offending component.
I had a pair of Sttafs which had the driver mounting bolts back out. You should try to tighten all of the bolts holding the drivers as well. I also had a banana plug which would rattle under high frequencies as it did not have a tight fit in the binding post. Make sure all of your cable connections are solid. Definitely try the cable swap over as mentioned above.
Thanks for the input. I switched the speakers and the noise moved as well. I think it is the Forest tweeter. I tightened the mounting bolts with no significant difference.

Looks like I'll have to take it in to the dealer to get checked out.
This is spooky, it happened to me also playing a diana krall song.

I phoned totem and in my case the high pitch frequency was caused by TWEETER speaker wire rubbing/vibrating against each other at certain frequencies.

The fix was to simply to open tweeter and wrap foam/electrical tape to seperate between +/- leading to speaker wire.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info. It definitely seems like it's only present with certain frequencies (certain piano notes on the song but not all of them).

BTW, did you do this yourself or bring it into the dealer?