HK Citation II amp

I acquired a bunch of tube equipment from a friends grandfather. Nice stuff, but everything this guy had he went ahead and did some of his own "tricks' with them. Marantz 8b that he butchered the front panel, Dynaco monoblocks that had wires everywhere, an St 70 with some sort of foreign board, homemade OTL's, Ariston Audio TT with some mod's and this HK Citation II amp that has 2 heatsinks with transistors? stuck in the middle of the rows of tubes.
Anyway, I sold most of the gear as I got laid off after 17 yrs. and needed the money. I have since moved to Florida on the Treasure Coast to get away from the crazy taxes in Jersey and I need a reliable tech to fix this beast. It intermittently makes a crackling noise on one channel, drives me crazy. I have to make at least one of this guys abominations work.
So if you know of a competent, reliable tech, please let me know.