Holst the planets on Lim CD...thoughts and impressions

I recently listened to the CD of Holst the Planets on the Lim (Fim?) label. This disc is one of their 32 bit Ultra Cd's and is mastered by Winston Ma. Normally I am extremely impressed by their products. The particular piece is from the Telarc digital release featuring Andre Previn and the London Symphony. 

My impressions were that there is something a little odd with this production...wherein the sound field sounded too indistinct and the precision of instrumental placement that I usually hear with Winston's releases was lacking or missing entirely! To that, I thought the recording was far too diffuse and non-dynamic...but why??? It certainly doesn't seem to be my system, as I have this piece with Zubin Mehta conducting on analog and none of the above apply.

For those who either own this recording or have heard it, what do you think of it? Are my observations similar to yours? Opinions?




Is this a good time to make a joke about switching to vinyl?  :-)

Actually, I don't have the CD but now I see I will have to go out and buy it!   When I get it, I will make a note to comment here.