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I have decided to enter the 21st century - before its over. I have recently upgraded speakers to B&W 804S, HTM3S and SCMS - with a REL sub, and am happy with them. However, the rest my home theater need some major updating (I currently have a Denon AVR that is pushing 10yrs old). I'm also still using a 40' Sony XBR tube TV - and it will be going away sometime soon - so while I am "HDMI free" now - that won't last for much longer.

I'm pretty sure I want to go to separates and it seems like a lot of people like Rotel, Classe and McIntosh with B&Ws.

I would like to stay in the below $5K range (less would be better) - and I'm very open to used.

I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and advice.

Most of the dealers who carry B&W also carry McIntosh, Classe, and Rotel. See if one will loan you a set to try on your speakers in your home. I owned B&W CDM1NT monitors several years ago and for home theater, the Rotel was my favorite for sound and cost-effectiveness. My dealer also carried Denon and a Rotel 5-channel amp mated with the matching Rotel processor was far superior to Denon's flagship 7-channel receiver. I bought the dealer's demo models.
Naw. Keep the quality across the board. I would stick to, yes, the Mac and/or Classe for your speakers. And, actually, I'd go with the most power you can afford. You'll also want to run those speakers as 80hz for movies, if it were my system. You'll gain much much more dynamics through the speakers - then the sub can do the rest.
Sim audio is also good stuff, and does Audyssey in the processor (which is very helpfult sonically!).
If you want to go on the cheaper with the amplification, you can substitute Parasound - which is also smoooth, warm, and full bodied, with great bass.
Good luck

B&W speakers become different speakers with powerful amps.

I know, I’ve had 7 different pr of them.

Do you mean the $5K is just for a proc and amps? Or what?

If it’s for another display as well, opinions will change a lot.

If you’d not mind, clearing up what all is desired would be helpful.

There’s real advantages to going with HDMI. Real advantages. Right off, it saves mucho denaro and vastly simplifies things.

Personally, I feel nothing makes a HT setup like a very large display. Nothing. That and great sub performance are prerequisites there.

I’d put $2K into the display. Front projector & screen. Epsom and Optoma both have very well reviewed 1080p LCD pros that go for < $1500 new. One might be DLP. One of them goes for $1350 new! Sorry I can’t recall which model numbers for which brand, but I did see the reviews in the past few months. A DIY screen will run $100 - $200 for 100 inch side ot side 16x9…. Or 116 diag WS. Used Stewarts run under a grand usually for 96 diag WS.

I got a BenQ DLP for < $700 and built a screen for < $200. It’s only 720p though, but looks fine by all accounts so far.

I’d look into what Integra has for a proc… either their new 40 or 80 models. Appox $1200 & $1800, respectively. The 80 allows for xlr in and out.

Then I’d look into the newer ATI 2000 series amp in 5 ch configuration. Truly balanced topology, 200 wpc @ 8, 300+ @ 4.

I feel you’d be better served with their 3000 series 300wpc @ 8, but your budget won’t allow for it, unless some other areas get less attention of course.

Keep the sub, but consider stepping up later on.

You’ve got to spend a good deal to gain on what the Integra line up gives you feature wise and sound wise. ATI makes amps for a lot of brands. They produce a clean clear powerful sound, with great build quality and support…. And it’s an on shore product! Big beefy, and durable. It’s sonic characteristics should mate well with the Booers speakes.

If, as you’ve not said, it is wanted that the amp be 50/50 HT & music, I’ve gotta plug the Butler TDB 5150. it would be a superb match for those BW units without sacrificing too much of the ‘control’ aspect. It produces a far warmer sonic presentation while still delivering all the sonic cues imbedded In a film soundtrack with good jump factor too. those BW tweeters will love the Butler hybrid amp design… new $2.5K - $3K, used $1650 to $1800. 150wpc @ 8, 200 @4.

As the Butler is SE only, that’ll put you into the Integra 40 or 9.? At a grand or so too.

Big room? ATI
Closer to a medium sized one ? Butler.

What about sources? Got one?

The default here has to be Oppo if not. $175 $500 new. SDVD to BR multi format disc players which have 1.3 HDMI.

Need cables too?

Blue jeans HDMI from proc to projector < $100.

That’ll all work quite well together I’m sure.
Thanks for the input!

To clarify - I'm looking at trying to stay under $5K for the processor and amp.

Since I'm going one step at a time - I will be adding the display later (and yes - I agree with the thoughts on going for a large display.) As far as video sources - I currently have a Sony 3100ES for DVD - and am leaning to the Oppo unit for Blue Ray.

The room is not too big - about 15' x 20' - and the system is used as a HT over 90% of the time.

many thanks for the help!
How about McCormack DNA 225 amp and BAT Vk 30-SE pre. That would be in your price range used and would combine SS AMP with tube pre. I use similar for 804N but have just a VK-30.