Hook up-Two amps for in house speakers and 5.1?

I have a Denon processor connected to a Parasound 2205A amplifier via RCA connections. This sounds great however if I purchased a second amp exactly the same how would I hook it up in order to power my 6th channel and in house speakers throughout? What seems confusing is I'm already using my pre outs L/R front speaker conections to provide stereo sound and/or L/R front sound during 5.1 playback. So would I use a series of Y connections to do this or what? Thank You for Your Help!
If I understand--what you are looking for is a receiver with 2 zone capability. I don't know if stand-alone processors have this feature---but now that I think of it;I guess the new ones must have this too. Me thinks a used receiver in the second room can save running wires to this'other' room.