Hooking up a Perlisten sub

Thinking of getting one Perlisten sub either D12 or D15. What’s the best way to hook up to a system?


Some prefer speaker level connections and putting the sub between your source and the speakers, but those subs don’t have them. I prefer XLR and two separate subs. One for the left and one for the right. I would stay away from the RCA inputs because they are more prone to noise/ hum. They tend to suffer from ingress issues, particularly on long cable runs. You may also want to consider a sub with volume, crossover and phase control.  Maybe those have them, but I didn't see them on the amp's panel.  Very difficult to properly integrate a sub into your system without those.

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I have two Perlisten R212s subwoofers. Each connected to the L and R pre-outs on my integrated amp via XLR. Works great