How about a list of speakers that are time and phase coherent? Thiels and what else?

How about a list of speakers that are time and phase coherent?

From that speaker design article by JA, on time/phase coherence:

"Many loudspeakers are claimed by their manufacturers' marketing departments to be time-coherent. There are also a number of speakers that have sloped front baffles, implying that they are time-coherent. However, its step response immediately gives you an indication of whether or not a loudspeaker is time-coherent (on the chosen measurement axis).

And almost all loudspeakers are not. Along with false claims of high sensitivity, false claims of time coherence are among the commonest lies in high-end audio."

We're lookin' at you, Wilson Audio.


i dont know anything about out of phase midranges, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn with whiskey, so I am a speaker designer !

Well as usual I learned a lot, great links shared by glow_worm and prof (always nice to see your entries prof!), but perhaps most important is that some Holiday Inns have whiskey; I need to find those as opposed to the ones where I have been staying!

Intuitive Design Summit Loudspeakers are time and phase coherent and do things that very few speakers I have heard are able to do.  Still one of my all time favorite speakers.  I wish more manufacturers paid attention to this.

Here's a nice article by Richard Hardesty.  I didn't see it previously listed.  Apologize if it was.

From my listening experience, I'm a big believer in time and phase coherence in speaker design.
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Wilson audio

The biggest hoax in the industry. And the dealers believe that… How sad ☹