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Some thoughts on ASR and the reviews
Not that Amir is always right or every conclusion and argument is unimpeachable. But..he has a hell of a lot of knowledge and experience, and many of the criticisms that from sites like this come from audiophiles who "don’t know what they don’t k... 
Thiel Owners
I've owned the 3.7s and 2.7s. Like most speakers, toe-in increases the high frequency content, toe out reduces it and mellows out the sound more. I toe them out somewhat, not to just forward facing, but enough to have a smooth balance and to inc... 
SabrinaX vs JA Perspective2 Graphene
@panerai557  That's great.  I'm looking forward to reading about your impressions.  If you want put them in my Perspectives (and other speakers) thread.  Or of course wherever.  
MBL Owners: The "Why" Behind Our Choices and the Search for the Ultimate "Wow" Factor
I'm a long time fanboy of MBL. First time I heard them was at an early CES - the 101D I believe.  I heard what sounded like actual live music coming from a room, entered, and saw the unbelievable looking pods-from-mars.   Some jazz piece.  I coul... 
....and just when you thought you could Finally afford that pair of MBLs'.....
Admittedly I can't understand the OP. But I heard what was either a smaller pair of the Ferguson Hill speakers at a Toronto show, or perhaps it was another manufacturer doing the same thing: basically lowther-type drivers surrounded by big plasti... 
Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice
Well, looked at the very specific individual level, it's a fools game.  You can't know for sure. But if you want to take a more rigorous look at the question, where you can come to some justified conclusion about the ODDS of someone hearing pleas... 
What would your "perfect speaker" sound like.
A perfect speaker would reproduce some of the most important characteristics (to me) that I hear in live instruments:  timbral complexity, richness, full, with dense, palpable imaging and presence.  And yet with a sort of combination of clarity an... 
Thiel Owners
Good price on some black 3.7s here:    
Thanks crwindy!    
@crwindy  I'm curious:  what did you think of the Vivid Audio oval?  It's strengths and weaknesses? That was the first, earlier model Vivid speaker I encountered and they've clearly moved on in their cabinet designs.    
Have you found your "End-Game" speakers yet? I have. And it feels so good!!!
You can never trust any audiophile's claim of having found "end game gear" until they are dead and buried.  Until then, it's an open (and dubious) proposition :-) I'm sort of "end gamed" for the moment, having been mostly priced out of upgrades. ... 
Thiel Owners
  I only heard the 7.2s in an audio shop once, way back in the late 90s.  But the sound is burned in to my brain - some Miles Davis and Dave Brubeck, sounded more live than almost anything I'd heard before.  
Thiel Owners
Absolutely! Never Rush Perfection.  The Audio Journey is a marathon. . Written by someone who has truly lived that philosophy :-) Enjoying listening to the Thiels by now, I hope?       
Thinking about a Steinway Lyngdorf system
I've never heard the Steinway system, but I can say I lust after their gorgeous remote control!    
Am I broken? Am I stuck? Do I have to return my audiophile card now?
Carpe Diem - If there is a deal there that allows you to do the move I would take it. Those opportunities don’t come up often. Yes there is the "rare opportunity" thing, if that's the case. I'm sure I'm not alone in still occasionally kicking ...