How about a "possible auction fraud alert" section

Given the periodic spate of posts about potential fraudulent auctions, particularly on e-bay, how about a separate thread category for "possible frauds". While hopefully most Audiogoners are sensitive to the issue, a place where concerns could be more consistantly and visibly posted might be helpful rather than have the threads buried in other categories and fade from view as time passes.

Maybe there are legal issues but....
I agree 100%. I have seen at least 10 ads on ebay, audioshopper, and audioweb that fits GLERNO's description. The ads were verbatim copies of other ads and seem to originate in Barcelona. This person has already made off with several thousands of dollars. Right now his/her lack of knowledge of audio gear has been his undoing, but it is conceivable he learns more as he goes along or someone else with better knowledge may do the same thing. I think a seperate section where potential fraud would be a great idea.
There is one now for a ML336 at a very low price on e-bay by the Barcelona guy. BEWARE
How would an ad be judged, as a possible auction fraud? Because the price seems too low? Because someone doesn't think, the seller could possibly, deliver what he is promising? I purchased a Koetsu Rosewood Signature, for $300. Surely, that listing, must have been fraudulent, based on the price. It was not. Good judgement, and use of feedback, is an effective way, to somewhat safeguard, oneself. Mailorder purchasing, will always have some risk.