How best to sell my dad's McIntosh integrated amp, CD player speakers?

My dad and I sat for many hours listening to music on his McIntosh stereo equipment as I grew up. Now he's gone, and the equipment he bought in 1998 is too big for my little house. I've checked the Bluebook values of the components, and I  had a former McIntosh engineer clean, check, and repair the amp and CD player in April 2019. Spent over $1,000 doing that (I'm retired, funds are limited). Have not replaced cables, power cords yet or been able to test the system as a whole. I need to sell the system, but I live in a small town, about 3 hours from the nearest big city. What would be the best way to make final needed improvements (without spending a fortune) and then sell the system at a fair price? The components are ( all McIntosh ): 
  • MCD7009 CD player 
  • MA6850 integrated amplifier 
  • 2 LS360 speakers 
  • Cables are Tributaries 
I have the original owner manuals and receipts of purchase and service. I'm obviously not an audio person, but I did spend much of my career as a librarian working with sound recordings in libraries and museums, which I loved. I love my dad's system but I can't maintain and use it as it should be used. Thanks for any suggestions on how to get started selling it.
I'd sign up for the Audiogon Bluebook for a month to establish value. Then advertise here or a similar place. I find it useful to get units packed, properly, ahead of time, so final weight & dimensions are known so potential buyers can get accurate shipping quotes.

Another possibility is to contact an established seller of used Mc gear. The one I know of is Audio Classics. You may receive less than in a private party sale, but it could be less troublesome.

I'm sure others will respond with other ideas.
Above all else, you should contact Audio Classics in Vestal NY and purchase proper boxes (if you dont have any) to ship the McIntosh pieces. Do not let anyone at a packing or shipping outlet pack them (fedex,ups whatever),they have no clue. This will be key for no hassles down the road. These McIntosh amps sell so you wont have to sell it to Audio Classics for a 1/3 of what you can get from a private buyer. 

Matt M
Yup, original boxes and packing is a necessity.  If not, the glass on the McIntosh equipment will not survive shipping.  
List your gear here on Audiogon! Any dealer will only give you a fraction of what it's worth!
Also check out  They have much better selling history then Audiogon’s bluebook and hifishark is free
That’s highly unlikely, troll! Nobody buys Bang and Olufsen any more.
Yes, I think @mattmiller made two key points:

(1) You need the right boxes for this gear. Shipping outlets are not reliable at packing such valuable, specialized, and delicate equipment.

(2) McIntosh gear always sells. It is a premium product, and the brand has great respect. I'd guess that it has the highest resale value of any popular equipment maker.
"Nobody buys Bang and Olufsen any more."
As evidenced by 35 stores in the U.S.A. Not including some that cary it but are not major audio stores.
I didn’t say no one sells B&O. I said no one buys B&O, Mr. Smartypants.
I bought one, a year or so ago. Which prompted another person to buy one more.
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Thank you so much, audio experts! I'll do everything you all suggested. Should I do the packing myself (once I get the correct boxes)? I can follow overall directions if anyone has prepared anything like that.
I really appreciate your help. Thanks again!
The correct boxes should include the correct inserts. I don't know if Mc uses foam or cardboard. Once you have those, a little thought, inspection, and trial-and-error should reveal the right way to pack each unit. Be sure to put a plastic bag around it before packing. If you are spatially challenged, invite a friend who isn't, to help.


you can view the McIntosh owners manual online and at the end of manual is a diagram showing the proper way to pack.  Google search the name and model number of amp.  
You can start right here.Macs sell quickly ,especially  since you had everything repaired. BUT as you know its heavy equipment...must be packaged extremely well to assure no damages in shipping.