How BIG is yours?

That is, music collection. Seems like everyone is proud of their big (physically, cost-wise etc) stereo systems. I want to know how big your music collection is. I always ask when I conduct a transaction, half out of curiosity, half wondering whether to trust the sonic biases of someone who owns maybe fifty-sixty albums/CDs tops. I'll start: I have around 500 LPs and 1500 CDs, more and more of which are the excellent DCC Gold and XRCD variety. Would you rather spend $100 on trying music you haven't heard or trying a new power cord (no wrong answer here, I do both)?
Mike: No, no, there is hope! You only have around 4500 (!) hrs of music -- and growing steadily. It'll only take you about 7months of 7/24 listening to go through the collection. Think of Detlof, Cornfed & others!
do you folks want to sell lps?
I am listening to Jazz and classical lps.
pl e mail me.

Tim guys are all RICHI BOYS!

i only have like 30 cds i listen to right now..
no LP
i don't even have a big sound system yet ..still waiting on money to finance amp/preamp ..

most of tbe CDs i posess now are downtempo/acid jazz/rythm.
that's what i listen to the most, and it's hard to find music that i like within that style, so i will never posess 1500Cds that i wouldn't listen to anyway.. ( 1500cds * 10$ each ..15 000$..that's surely more than i'll buy in my entire life :p ahah )

you guys are crazy!
How big is mine? based on some-older-previous threads you can only imagine(those who are following my career!)