How can I protect ML 436 monoblocks amplifiers?

I need advice. I live in Portugal, and I have 2 ML 436.

In this year I have problems, with both, and go to reparation. Expensive reparation.

I found that my voltage in home was elevated, normaly 246, 247V, and maybe this problems occur because of that, and high tension, in breve moments, high peak currents, . The ML 436 are configurated to 230V.

I intend to protect the amplifiers and the others components like the ML 380S pre-amplifier, record player and cd player.

Until now my problems was with the ML 436 amps and a Electrocompaniet power amplifier and a Sony Vaio labtop.

What kind of gear I could use, to prevent this high high peak currents?
In the mean time my local dealer inform me that have a second hand unit of the Power Plant Premier to sell.
So I ask again to Paul if this unit cand handle to the ML 436 monobocks and receive this:

"Jose, this is a regenerator and works great for products. It should be able to handle up to about 1000 watts, so depending on how big your power amp is it should be fine. Highly recommended."
I had similar problems here with unstable voltage. I solved the problem with a Thor PS 10 power regulator conditioner. Below is the URL to the unit.
A PS Audio P-10 power regenerator would be a very good solution to your problem.
There is a Multi Voltage Transformer made by Swallow company in Japan.
You need SWALLOW-SU-3000 (3000 Watts) Weight 22kg.
You can put the input at 240V/50Hz and get 230V/50Hz output.
This will protect your Amp very expensive about $850.
The Power Plant Premier can't handle 2 amplifiers. I used two premiers, then I switched to the P10, which easily handles an entire system, with no fan noise.
Highly recommended.