How can I protect ML 436 monoblocks amplifiers?

I need advice. I live in Portugal, and I have 2 ML 436.

In this year I have problems, with both, and go to reparation. Expensive reparation.

I found that my voltage in home was elevated, normaly 246, 247V, and maybe this problems occur because of that, and high tension, in breve moments, high peak currents, . The ML 436 are configurated to 230V.

I intend to protect the amplifiers and the others components like the ML 380S pre-amplifier, record player and cd player.

Until now my problems was with the ML 436 amps and a Electrocompaniet power amplifier and a Sony Vaio labtop.

What kind of gear I could use, to prevent this high high peak currents?

I se you have a PS Audio Power Plant Premier in your system.

What the components you have connected to the regenerator?

When you used the 2 Power Plant Premier , you use each one for each amplifier? The results are good?

You change because you need to connect alkl the system in one device?
I did have 2 amps, and I divided them and the rest of my system between the 2 Premiers. The results were excellent, with the exception of the fan noise, which was very loud. I ended up buying 2 computer fans, and placing each one under the Premiers. This provided enough cooling, so that the internal fans didn't go on. I auditioned the P10 when it came out, and felt that it was just as effective as the Premiers. The sound was a little bit richer and fuller in the midrange. One P10 handles my entire system, and is dead quiet. It is really an excellent unit.