How can I tell a B&W 804D (series 1) from a 804D2

This is getting to be a mystery.

i've done google image searches an ALL the 804 Diamond look identical regardless of if they are labeled as a 804D or 804D2.

Since they ALL have the silver ring around the drivers, is it possible that there was not a D1 version of the 804 and the first version of the Diamond series for the 804 was a D2 ??

My shipping boxes don't say anything more than Diamond (mine are supposed to be 804D2's) and nothing on the speaker serial plate either.

If anyone out there knows about this , that would be awesome. 


It's Silver. (D2)

I think I've figured this mystery out.

the 804D (series 1) review in Stereophile was done in 2013.

Yeah, and the pictures in the review clearly show the D2 drivers, but there is NO mention of being a Series 2 at all in the article.

Was there NO 804D2 at all? The 804D clearly has the release date of the Series 2 and series 2 upgrades. My Linn speaker matching software does NOT give a 804D2 option, only a 804D. The other 800 series speakers have D2 versions to choose from.

I think it went like this:

804D (but released way later during D2 time frame and with D2 upgrades),



Normally the D1's came out in 2005, the D2's had to be 2010 maybe??

For some reason B&W would not give the 804D the D2 designation. I think that is why everyone selling these is calling them a 804D2. (that actually describes what it is way better than calling them 804D).

Answer to this is that a 804D (series 1) is actually a D2 in age and engineering, but it just got stuck with the 804D (series 1) name.