How can you not have multichannel system

I just finished listening to Allman Bros 'Live at the Fillmore East" on SACD, and cannot believe the 2-channel 'Luddites' who have shunned multichannel sound. They probably shun fuel injected engines as well. Oh well, their loss, but Kal has it right.
Macdad, I left many names off the list because I couldn't get a 'read', so I will defer to your familiarity with Roth
Portnoy wanking off into liver purchased by his mother for the family's supper is most definitely Mch. Roth's affection for the lost art of hand-made leather glove making in the Newark of American Pastoral is vintage 2ch.
Dgarretson is both an audiophile, and a knowledgable student of literay tastes. I take my hat off!!
'Can any pre-amp be better than the final H-Cat?' Hmmm, the spirit of that message tone sounds alot like the opening thread that you resent. Tbg, you are an incredible hypocrite. And you are a professor!!?? Of what -- intolerance??!!