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Ribbon cable inside amplifiers
Years ago when modifications to Sony SCD-1 SACD players were in vogue I substituted harnesses of Audio Consulting soft-annealed silver wire for ribbons in the digital and analog domain to good effect.  But it's too much time and effort to repeat s... 
Equalizer in a Hi Fi system
Not to take anything away from the McIntosh, but where the money went into this design is clear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89mowyb5yN8  
Equalizer in a Hi Fi system
I'll check it out.  I deleted my system profile several years back after a hack into my Audiogon account with attempted fraud.  
Equalizer in a Hi Fi system
@tlcocks , thanks. I ventured into the Manley analog equalizer for home use by thinking of a Cello Palette, but stripped of the often degrading presence of OP amps. (Never heard one, however, so no harm no foul.) It is interesting that Mark Levins... 
Equalizer in a Hi Fi system
I have nothing to add to this interesting discussion except for another vote for the Manley Massive Passive. I purchased the latest version with switching power supply, initially to complement a custom speaker with a Purify 6.5" mid woofer and mat... 
Scotch? No thanks. Whats the best Vodka.?
By a long shot it’s french grape-based Ciroc. And only unflavored, please. For a poor-man’s version, dilute 50% with Stoli.  
What Does It Take To Surpass A SME V?
@rauliruegas Thanks for the welcome.  I've been distracted from audio by other projects for the past few years, and now have more time to participate.  The better of my two 3012R arms was worked over by    
What Does It Take To Surpass A SME V?
I have a similar impression comparing a SME 3012R to a Kuzma 4P. The 3012R sounds livelier in a pleasing way, the 4P over-damped. Comparisons made with a Lyra Etna and two ART 7s on a Luxman PD444 with three arms and two 3012Rs, one stock and the ... 
Uptone EtherRegen
I’ve used the ER with a 10mhz clock and a Hynes SR7 power supply. It is a nice product, but unfortunately has been unstable with drop outs and disconnects in my application. As mentioned in another thread, instability may occur in combination with... 
Master Clock for the SOtM SMS-200 Ultra Neo SE
Answer is yes.  I have SOtM SMS-200, USBultra, Estoteric K-01X, and EtherREGEN all clocked to a 10mHz Stanford Research PERF-10.  The synergy of the whole is greater than its parts.   
High quality equalizers
A few hours into the Manley piece has me convinced.  Rich & concise and dead quiet, as a fine tubed unit must be for the studio.  
High quality equalizers
I’m taking delivery tomorrow of a new Manley Massive Passive. This may be synergistic with the Purify 6.5" mid/woofers and matching Purify passive radiators in my modified Merlin VSMs. The Purify drivers deliver clean, albeit rolled off, LF into t... 
Owners of BAT phono preamps, need some info....
Another option is Bulgin pins. I’ve used both male and female to construct TX2575 plug-ins for Pass Labs and Atmasphere phono preamps. They use high-quality gold plating over solid copper. They come in 10-packs and three pin diameters. Here are so... 
Merlin VSM MME Master BAM Modification
Agree re frequency response.  However, the BAM can be meaningfully improved with a better external LPS than the stock button cell batteries, and better coupling caps than the stock Hovlands. 
Caps Jantzen Standard--z vs ClarityCap ESA
Within the ClarityCap range, CSA succeeds ESA-- improved with the addition of copper ends, as compared to ESA's tin/zinc end spray.  The performance is improved at a modest increase in cost.Charcroft/ClarityCap OEM Sales