How do I know if my systems any good?

I'm not able to leave my house due to a long-standing injury, so I'm unable to hear anyone else's system. I could list out my components but not sure what that would achieve.  Lets assume they're all fine pieces.

what are the things that should be considered when listening and judging an audio system that combines streaming and home theater via bypas thru a preamp.

Maybe it's a great system.  


It’s good if you sit, listen, become catatonic and think “This is the way,” repeatedly.

Without prejudice to the hobby’s basic philosophy that usually fails to scratch the itch to upgrade or try new gear …and has elements of an addiction:

- In addition of your system’s ability to get the fundamentals of music right; and,

- that it adds clarity and resolution; and,

- you enjoy its ability to lay out a vivid and coherent 3-dimensional stereo image,

then what more could you want?



Agree with the “…if it sounds good”, “listen for hours”, “can’t walk away” school of appreciation noted here. My method is to enjoy what I have and tweak here and there, mostly with speaker positioning and AC power conditioning, not ADD but REMOVE as much noise as possible.  And as for music, that is the real key to it all. Finding the true piece of magic that simply takes your breath away, even on modest systems like mine. 

...being the sort who wanders 'n wonders on the interstates and the crude paths of music...looking for that which surprises, disturbs, delights, and makes me punch

bookmark....and the scroll grows, does it, oh yes.... ;)

I like, nay, Enjoy....those 'tidbytes' that I put on 'loop', and let 'em roll...*g*

If I look up after the while, and 2 hours have passed....

I've been listening....and not thinking of how....*s*

... a recent 'stumble upon...

The walsh give it a wonderful depth....the background hiss I can chalk up to my tinnitus, which is my constant companion which sometimes gives way.

...and get lost into simple piano...and the memory of snow....staring out a window, lost in a thought or a memory...


My equipment is not expensive....but it transports enough.

My bottom line. *S*

Enjoy yours.

Hi @mahgister ...What part of CN, btw...?