How do I transfer files from Windows Media Player

I am currently using WMP10 and have limited space left on my hard drive. I purchased a 250 GB external Hard drive and I want to transfer the music from WMP10 to the external which would free up some hard drive space. When I transfered the music to the external hard drive and opened up WMP10 I had duplicate files. What's the best way to transfer these music files to the external hard drive and keeping them off my internal hard drive.
Look on the external hard drive and get the names of the files. Then, search for those files on your internal hard drive, they're probably all under My Documents. Once you find them, delete them from the internal drive. That's it...

I deleted the files from the interrnal hard drive like you said but when I try to play them in WMP10 they don't play. I can play them from the external but not with MP10. When I open the file on the external the Icons look like music match icons. I want to be able to use the WMP10 on my external to set up playlists and burn cd's from it. I know there must be a way to have the files on the external in WMP10. I changed the default on WMP10 to the external drive and they no longer are stored on my internal which is what I wanted, and they play when I use WMP10, but they too have the music match icon when I open the file. Do you have any ideas on how to insert the old files that I deleted on WMP10 without storing on the internal hard drive.
Bodine - I'm not clear what you're asking. Some media players have "move" functions - I don't know if WMP does or not. If you have the same music file in two different places on the same computer, WMP (or any other player) will see them as two different files if you Import Media. You have to delete the file from the drive AND delete the entry from your WMP library to get rid of it.

I don't much care for WMP for several reasons, so I'm not completely familiar with it. Another way to get rid of the internal drive files on many players would be to filter by physical location (in this case, your internal drive) and delete all those files from within the player. This will delete the physical files and the player db entries.

It is definitely possible to drive a player from an external HD only.
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